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Friday, June 24, 2016

Time to stock the reefer..." 'Judith Whitehead' (Inspiration Friday)

Judith Whitehead lives in Amherst New York
( A suburb of Buffalo, N.Y.)
 and has worked in the ophthalmology
 field of medicine for over 35 years

Time to stock the reefer
Temperatures in excess of 100 degrees 

 Well, its that time again to stock the reefer for my son from the west.
Sonny boy Joel,
The guitar 'Luthier' (Doctor)
Visiting from LA 

Record heat and fires have plagued the west coast all month. He now really appreciates the clean air here and moderate temperatures along with the "free" food, visiting with friends and family and just 'chillaxing.'  

Even an exciting busy life style needs to have down time and Buffalo offers that.  Some fishing, visiting with old friends and antique shopping renew ones being.  After a week, just like fish, starts to smell,  after that time, and it will be time to return to the busy lifestyle he is used to.

We are lucky we get to visit several times a year...

For further reading read more about Joel and his job at Normans rare guitars;
What is the definition of a hero, dakinetalk blog #1692-'Judith Whitehead'
Joel works for Norman's rare guitars as a Luthier, a craftsman who restores instruments. Norman's is in LA and many prominent famous Musicians frequent this store including Bobby Watson, Waylon, Jeroen and Cesar as seen in this YouTube;

Hana Hou, (Encore)