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Monday, June 11, 2018

"Hopefully the Summit, then the Nobel..." (Plus- Anthony Bourdain's suicide needs to be investigated) 'James "Kimo" Rosen' (Kimo's world #244)

James "Kimo" Rosen is a retired professional photographer
 and amongst other things lived in a tent outdoors for 7 years.
Rosen currently resides on the tropical island of Kaua'i
with his best friend and spiritual adviser Ivanka-Obama Da Dog!

Blog #1997~Kimo's world's #244

"Hopefully the Summit, then the Nobel-
Anthony Bourdain's suicide  needs to be investigated

"Tear down this wall!" is a line from a historic speech made by US President Ronald Reagan in
West Berlin on June 12, 1987, calling for the leader of the Soviet Union, Mikhail Gorbachev, to open up the barrier which had divided West and East Berlin since 1961.

The summit between Kim Jong-un and President Trump is slated and hopeful to take place June 12th, 2018 on the 31st  anniversary of that famous speech by president Ronald Reagan.

Here is a line I  hope comes from this summit should it transpire, "The world is now a more peaceful and safer place."God bless you, Your Excellency, Kim Jong-un"

America needs for this summit to be a success, there has been so much divide since president Trump took office. The man has not had time to take a breath
with the media  constantly badgering  him for one alleged scandal after another.  The media loves ratings, all the scandals that have gone nowhere from Russian collusion to the porn star breaking her agreement with the president. 

The media
loves drama. Drama is ratings and the current witch hunts are rating magnets! President Trump is one of the few Presidents whom
does not take a salary, his daughter Ivanka  does not take a salary. They are true public servants! I'll tell you what makes ratings, is a summit with North Korea calling for a halt or slow down on their nuclear weapons arsenal.

Every modern day U.S.  president has tried to create some sort of peace with North Korea,
nobody has succeeded.  If president Trump succeeds at this, it is time the main stream media, the Hollywood elite  and all of America take a victory lap  including the NFL players  association  to stand in honor and respect for a man who may not have the best bedside manner but has all our backs and is on our team.

Wishing President Trump good luck and sending blessings for a successful summit and nomination for the Nobel peace prize award! 

Kim Jong Un brings his own toilet to Trump summit
and I though I was a germ-a-phobe! https://nypost.com/2018/06/11/kim-jong-un-brings-his-own-toilet-to-trump-summit/
Anthony Bourdain's suicide needs to be investigated

   I am a conspiracy theorist , for me something feels wrong about the alleged suicide hanging of celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain with his bath robe belt. His best friend is said to had found  his body hanging in the hotel room?

It appears he had an almost perfect life, a beautiful girlfriend and an  eleven year old  loving daughter, money, fame and celebrity status. I realize rich and famous people can kill themselves however my sixth sense, ESP, Intuition,
whatever you may call it is calling this a cover up? His girlfriend, Asia Argento was involved with Harvey Weinstein and the first to come forward in the #Metoo movement.This case needs to be investigated before it goes cold, somethings not kosher?  With that said, all very sad and devastating. My condolences to all family,friends and fans.

Hana Hou, (Encore)

Monday, June 4, 2018

"Starbucks, Micky D's , racial bias, homeless shelters and political correctness... " Plus a guest commentary on Roseanne 'James "Kimo" Rosen'

James "Kimo" Rosen is a retired professional photographer
 and amongst other things lived in a tent outdoors for 7 years.
Rosen currently resides on the tropical island of Kaua'i
with his best friend and spiritual adviser Ivanka-Obama Da Dog!

Blog #1996~Kimo's world's #243

Starbucks, Micky D's , racial bias, homeless shelters and political correctness

The homeless are now flocking to Starbucks

                                       without having to order a thing,  while using their restrooms, toilet paper and soap, along with their electrical outlets to charge their smart phones and other electrical devices. It sounds like Starbucks are turning into Homeless shelters?

Their coffee is strong but their management is weak,” said Ron Raduechel, a 64-year-old retired supply chain executive from Waukesha, Wis., who said he would no longer go to Starbucks. This after the much publicized incident  when two black men  were arrested for sitting at a Philadelphia Starbucks without ordering anything .
The arrest of Rashon Nelson and Robinson on April 12 touched off a frenzy over racial profiling. They were led away in handcuffs and accused of trespassing after the manager called police, saying the men refused to buy anything or leave. 
The men  settled with the city for a symbolic $1 each and a promise from officials to set up a $200,000 US program for young entrepreneurs. The men also settled with an undisclosed out of court settlement with Starbucks not mentioned in most press releases.

 May 29, 2018  was a day over 8,000 Starbucks coffee houses closed for racial bias training, at least that's what Starbucks is billing it as  in all it's free publicity
on  nearly every news station and newspaper in the country.   Kauai's Kukui Grove Starbucks closed for training that day and was given front page news coverage the following day  in The Garden Island news. Starbucks is  doing the politically correct thing, however political correctness is not always what it appears.  I believe they are taking advantage of free publicity.
(Read the Garden Island news front cover story!)
Smart marketing Starbucks! They had to recoup the undisclosed  out of court secret settlement not talked about in the news. Will closing for 3 hours and an undisclosed settlement pay off in return for all the free publicity? Starbucks is banking on it!

Political correctness has reached a disturbing place. The McDonald's I frequent let the homeless bring in their own food, use the electricity to
charge their cell phones, iPads, and computers and some homeless have the audacity to use splitter's on the electric outlets. There is one person that sits there all day long on his computer with a water cup refilling it with free soda. These are the people that mess up the rest rooms and use most of the toilet paper,soap and paper towels too---management is afraid to say anything.. This reminds me
Deadbeat son is a sign of America’s
failure to raise boys
of the 30 year old man whom would not leave his parents home even after his parents sued him and a judge ruled in the parents favor. I understand being down and out and needing help, however this is taking advantage and being abusive by the needy to the people who are trying to care...It's totally out of control!

(Read all about the parents who sued their 30 year old son who would not move out of their home and won!)

Today's generation of millenniums feel entitled. They don't want to work, where I live the restaurants and hotels all have help wanted signs. Kids  don't want to work summer jobs. Parents don't encourage them to work
either. Even summer lifeguard jobs which used to be a hot commodity have a lack of applicants according to an undisclosed source. Could this be a result of a society where parents where afraid to discipline their children and  say no to their child's every demand?
That’s a lot of valedictorians-June 1,2018-Garden Island News
 The icing on the cake, Kapa'a HS class of 2018 had a total of 273 students graduating, and 41 of those 273 were valedictorians with a GPA of 
Seniors walk tonight- Garden Island News, May 25,2018
4.0 and above.
Michael Rotondo, the millennial,
finally leaves his parents
home after a judge ruled in
the parents favor..
That means that 1 out of every 6.5 Kapaa HS graduates this year is a valedictorian. One of those valedictorians has to be smarter than the other's? I do not believe in participation trophies when it comes to valedictorians, otherwise you just might have that 30 year old man who would not leave his parents home on your hands?  Oh yea, go Starbucks and congratulations to the class of 2018!

New York millennial finally leaves his parents' home, but first calls cops on his dad over Legos


The hopeful future Mayor
of Kaua'i, Mel Rapozo talking story
with some old guy....

A must see about the cancellation of Roseanne’
Sadly, Canceling ‘Roseanne’ Is About Trump. If Roseanne was not a Trump supporter would she had lost her job, watch!

Please Read!

From my friend, Ron Kalnitz's Facebook Timeline, best editorial I have read on Roseanne

I’m not defending Roseanne, she’s clearly a racist and mentally ill but the maker of Ambien tweeting out that racism is not a side effect of Ambien could be the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard.

Read the side effects of Ambien:
“Dizziness, weakness, severe confusion, sleepwalking, euphoria, ataxia, loss of inhibitions, memory loss, depression, agitation, anxiety, severe aggressive behavior”
And that’s just the first paragraph, that’s where I stopped reading the company’s website, there’s an entire additional page of side effects.
Again I’m not defending Roseanne but dear mega pharmaceutical company and your mega billion dollar pill pushing operation, you’re all getting rich selling poison and when someone possibly, potentially acts out while on your medication you immediately cease the moment to politicize a horrible situation and it’s shameful.
"F" you Sanofi, Roseanne may be a racist and mentally ill but your company and your tweet exemplify why our country is as f'ed up as it is.

Hana Hou, (Encore)

Monday, May 21, 2018

"Do not miss the 30th annual taste of Hawaii!...Breaking News- Taste Cancelled!-" 'James "Kimo" Rosen (Kimo's world #242)

James "Kimo" Rosen is a retired professional photographer
 and amongst other things lived in a tent outdoors for 7 years.
Rosen currently resides on the tropical island of Kaua'i
with his best friend and spiritual adviser Ivanka-Obama Da Dog!

The 30th Annual Taste of Hawaii~~Cancelled Until June 2, 2019~~ ;-(

This blog was planned before I knew of the cancellation, please enjoy the photos  as something to look forward to next year, and God bless the Rotarian's for doing all they do for our community! 
There's a good chance you'll see your favorite
politicians at the Taste!   Election years
are my favorite times to visit the Taste!
That's  Kauai  Mayor, Bernard Carvalho Jr.
currently running for Lt. Governor.
I am guessing he'll be at the 30th Taste?  ;-)
Blog # #1995-Kimo's world #242

Breaking News, Taste Cancelled! 

The 30th Annual Taste of Hawaii
Taste of Hawai'i-2018

Update! Taste has benn cancelled!  ;-(
 I am sad to say after going to the Taste website they decided because of devastation with the record rainfall and flooding on parts Kaua’i and Oahu, and the volcanic eruption of Kilauea on Hawai’i Island, near Hilo. Many of the participants of Taste have been assisting with the relief efforts and do not feel that they can participate in the event this year.hese unforeseen circumstances find us making the difficult decision to postpone Taste of Hawai’i until next year on Sunday, June 2nd, 2019. At that time, we will not only celebrate 30 years of Taste of Hawai’i, we will also celebrate the resilience of our people and these islands!

The on-line auction will proceed as planned. Watch for the details in the newspaper and on our website http://www.tasteofhawaii.com/

Funds raised from the on-line auction will go towards the relief effort on Kauai.

An email will be sent to everyone who has purchased a ticket to this years’ Taste of Hawaii explaining the refund process and options

Mahalo for your support and understanding.

Josie Cortez
Rotary Club of Kapaa
God bless the Rotary club for doing all they do for our community! Mahalo Rotary Club of Kapa'a!

When: Sunday June 3th, 2018, 11:30am – 3:30pm

Where: Smith’s Tropical Paradise

This year is an election year and election years are always 
my favorite at the Taste. If your a political junkie like 
myself you will most likely see
Mayor Carvalho and Kauai councilman
Derek Kawakami
boogying at a past Taste.  Maybe
you'll get a chance
to see  them at this years Taste!  
many candidates at the Taste. In years past
I have seen the politicians for Mayor, County council, Senate and 
even Governor at the Taste.
Purchase Tickets now! 
Each picture is worth a thousand words!
The 'Taste of Hawai'i' is Kaua'i's signature event-
always happening the first Sunday in June
at Smith's Tropical Paradise in Wailua,
on Kauai island.
This year it will be Sunday June 3, 2018
Many visitors plan their vacations around this event.
Locals count the days until  the next years 'Taste' because of its popularity.
I do not believe there is a better event that happens anywhere, anytime ever in the state of Hawai'i. If you have never been to the 'Taste of Hawai'i' mark your calendars for the  30th annual 'Taste of Hawai'i'. 

Bon Appétit Broke Da mout and Wap da jaw!
James "Kimo" Rosen
Publisher/ Blogger-n-chief,dakinetalk blog

The 30th Annual Taste of Hawaii~~Cancelled Until June 2, 2019~~ ;-(
This blog was planned before I knew of the cancellation, please enjoy the photos  as something to look forward to next year, and God bless the Rotarian's for doing all they do for our community! 
The Bistro in Kilauea on
Kauai's North shore featured
Blackened ono fish with spicy mayo 
and sweet soy served on a
bed of Nori seaweed.
This dish in my 
opinion was the best in show.
You can see a close up below!

Grill master Jared Diaz and  his brother Art of Recessions
Original Santa Maria style BBQ. 
Grilling and featuring for the Taste, "Tri-Tip, Chili Fresh Salsa and French bread. 
Kauai's signature event and ultimate Sunday brunch--
never disappoints! 

Blackened ono fish with spicy mayo and
 sweet soy served on abed of nori seaweed

served by the Bistro Restaurant in Kilauea.
This was exceptional!!!


Chef Ken Morikawa of Plantation Gardens
created an alternative dish
of Blue crab ravioli after running out of their
featured dish of Crab rangoon with spicy djon sauce.
I must say, glad I came late, Yowzers! 

 The Seaside Restaurant from Hilo
featured Chef Colin Nakagawa's creation;
Grilled Shrimp with umi wasabi aioli
and wasabi served on mesclun greens.
This dish had long lines, 
I think that means it was GREAT!

Chef  Lucas Sautter of the
Kauai Marriott Courtyard
has my personal reward for creative genius
with is Lobster ceviche in a
miniature sized ice cream cone!
Bon Appétit!

Lobster ceviche in a
miniature sized ice cream cone!
KCC Jazz Band is a must see 
if you ever have the chance.
They have  performances periodically 
throughout the year at the 
Kaua'i community college and are always
free. One of the best kept secrets on the Garden Isle!
Chef Timmy of the Green Pig
prepares Braised pork belly.
You've never had anything like this!

Jordan Weaver and Beau Hannafious
of Rainbeau Jo's make a 
Kale salad that even people 
who don't like Kale will enjoy and
shout, 'Broke Da Mout!"
KCC Jazz band at The 28th annual Taste of Hawaii
 at Smiths Tropical Paradise.
 The singer is Michael Kobayashi! 
He was very reminiscent of the late
 great Jimmy Borges. Gave me chicken skin

Hanging loose at The Taste
 is Grill master Jared Diaz
 of Recessions
Original Santa Maria style BBQ. 
Grilling and featuring;
 "Tri-Tip, Chili Fresh Salsa and French bread. 
"Wop Da Jaw, Brah!

Purchase Tickets now! 
Or if your on Kaua'i you can still purchase tickets at the following locations;  

Hanalei surf company
Magi Dragon (Princeville shopping center)
North Shore Pharmacy
Jim Saylor Jewelers
Vicki Fabrics
Deli & Bread Connnections
Inkspot Quality Printing Corp.
Poipu Surf (Kukuiula shopping center)
Westside Pharmacy

The brunch which features over 40 chefs strutting their signature dishes, 10 plus beer, wine and soft drink beverage vendors allows you to eat  and drink to your hearts content. The 10 plus musical bands from Rock' roll to Big band allow you to burn off a few calories and make room for even more delicious ono grinds--then take a breather over  at the silent auction to make room for the dessert  and coffee stations. Remember to wear  loose fitting clothing to get in as much as possible.

Rumor has it for this special day that the  food  and drink have zero calories, so just pretend your in heaven and eat to your hearts content.  
Purchase Tickets now! 
Seriously,"Taste" is not only a taste of food but a taste of community, a taste of charity and a taste of fellowship."Taste" is a community event sponsored by the  Kapa'a Rotarian's. All profits go towards scholarships for our local youth and fund international projects such as providing safe drinking water and sanitation in schools for people in poverty stricken areas around the world.

Many tourists plan their vacations to
coincide with the Taste!

There's an Hawaiian pidgin expression
that you will be saying all day
if you attend the Taste
" Broke Da Mout" and "Wop Da Jaw"
Both translates to Onolicious!

Check out the photo album of the 29th Taste of Hawai'i!

Chef Christopher Kim of the St Regis in Princeville along with his Sou chef prepares one of their signature dishes of Korean  Braised beef cheeks-Crispy rice, Kimchi slaw with a pineapple glaze.  The chef told me the beef cheeks are from Japanese cattle and are marinated and slow cooked for 13 hours.  This was definitely a favorite for many at the annual event including me!

Dancing, eating, drinking, perfect weather,
great fellowship and Aloha, not only the ultimate
Sunday brunch, the ultimate best day all year
in the state of Hawai'i!  ;-)
All ages love da Taste!

Executive chef Sean Small
created his famous dish of Pork
adobo with cure egg yoke
and edible flowers
TheVoyager Lanai at
the Marriot courtyard
created another crowd pleaser
by head chef  Lucas Sautter
with the secret recipe for
Red Thai Coconut Curry Prawns.
The Lanai restaurant presents their gourmet
version of Loco Moco(Braised wagyu short rib, truffled risotto,
with a mini fried egg)  Comfort food heaven!   ;-)
Palate wine bar
makes homemade sausage
with mustard along with pickled carrots

All you can eat and drink!
Is everyone happy?

Jamba juice anyone?

Steve Dubey of Rumba De Fuego had the  people at the 29th annual Taste of Hawai'i
at Smiths Tropical Paradise on their feet working of all those calories 


For the 25th Taste back in 2013 I had a flip cam that I bought on closeout at Costco for only $25.00 and wound up getting it on KHON T.V.  with Joe Moore's nightly news out of Honolulu. Check it out. I was amazed what the guys in editing did with my video from a flip cam. Here it is. 

 Read dakinetalk blogs about  past Taste's of Hawai'i;
Taste of Hawai'i-2016, Each picture is worth a thousand words
For the complete photo gallery of the Taste of Hawai'i 2015 click on the link below;


2014-" A Taste of Google;
2013- "Eat Drink And Be Merry-All For Charity;
2012-A Taste of dakine;

Purchase Tickets now! 
The Taste of Hawaii is the original food and wine tasting event for the islands and on Kauai. Produced by the Rotary Club of Kapaa and countless community volunteers, this year marks the 30th year of hosting  The Ultimate Sunday Brunch. Taste of Hawaii will be held on Sunday June 3, 2017 at Smith’s Tropical Paradise. 
Purchase your tickets online;

Purchase Tickets now! 


When: Sunday June 3th, 2018, 11:30am – 3:30pm

Where: Smith’s Tropical Paradise

Price: $100 online or $125 at the door
I always look at the event as being free since all proceeds are donated to charity, not only that you can  write off a portion of your ticket on next years tax returns! Wow!

Tickets: buy your tickets online here, or call 808-346-7095  Tell them  you saw Kimo's world blog!

Or if your on Kaua'i you can still purchase tickets at the following locations;  

Hanalei surf company
Magi Dragon (Princeville shopping center)
North Shore Pharmacy
Jim Saylor Jewelers
Vicki Fabrics
Deli & Bread Connnections
Inkspot Quality Printing Corp.
Poipu Surf (Kukuiula shopping center)
Westside Pharmacy


Be on the lookout for Mayoral candidate
Mel Rapozo and wife Patsy at this years
Taste, rumor is they will be there?

James "Kimo" Rosen with Monica
and Councilman Derek Kawakami.

at the 2015 Taste of Hawaii.
Derek is also running for Mayor
and there's a great chance you'll see him at this years Taste also!

Hana Hou-Encore-My favorite memory of any Taste!

The smartest couple I ever met at the Taste of Hawaii was
 back in 2015 at the 27th annual Taste.
They decided to get married at the Taste!
They brought to preacher and 4 close friends
and 100 bucks a pop and had all they could eat and drinlk
along with 6 musical bands from jazz to big band
, rock and roll.  These folks got married in style on
 a limited bufget and they will always remain in
my memory as the coolest couple. If I ever get married, not a bad idea!

Above photo back at 2015 Taste of Hawaii, Garden photographer extraordinaire Dennis Fujimoto interviews for his cover story newly married couple Mr. and Mrs. Turner

When: Sunday June 3th, 2018, 11:30am – 3:30pm

Where: Smith’s Tropical Paradise