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Saturday, April 3, 2010

"Every day is Thanksgiving..."

A day of Thanks and Giving

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday since it is not a religious holiday but an American holiday.

It is a holiday for all religions and ethnic groups that call themselves American. No special church, synagogues or mosques involved, in fact even agnostics and atheists can celebrate Thanksgiving and feel the spirit.

The editorial and letters to the editor pages are usually filled with controversy and arguments about religion, politics and the many things humans vent. Thanksgiving requires no venting, only thanks, I only wish that retailers would wait until after Thanksgiving to start on all the commercialism of Christmas.

Thanksgiving has lost its appeal with the supremacy of Christmas overshadowing one of the most stupendous days of thanks.

Thanksgiving started out as a feast meal between the Native Americans and the pilgrims, opposites coming together to break bread to give and be thankful.

May this Thanksgiving be a lesson. Life is short and although we may have opposing views, one thing is for certain. Thanksgiving is the one day for just that — thanks and giving.

The most wonderful thing about Thanksgiving is that food has no calories on this special American holiday. Enjoy this untroubled tranquil day which comes but only once a year, although it would be romantically utopian having Thanksgiving everyday.

1 comment:

Barb said...

I agree, could have written that post myself. Plus I really dislike Christmas, or what is has become.