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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Bratty children will become bad adults...

Bratty children will become bad adults

Everything centers around children; my timing in life is off. When I was a child we were taught to respect our elders, older people went first in buffet lines, young people were taught to give up their seat on the bus to someone older. There used to be an unwritten common courtesy in honor of older adults.

Now everything is for the kids, putting adults in a secondary position. Swimming at the  YMCA is geared around children, and adults must schedule themselves around the kids. When I was a kid the children were scheduled around the adults.

Children cannot be spanked by their parents since everyone is afraid their kids will report them to human services.

All children have to do is say that some adult touched them inappropriately and that is enough to indict. The adult may be innocent but in the meantime his or her reputation has been tarnished.

Adults no longer have control over their children, bestowing upon them angel status.

Recently on an airplane trip a child was kicking my seat, and I said something and the father said give the kid a break. My father would have told me it is not polite to kick seats and made me stop.

Most kids are not angels in fact quite the contrary. The world has let children take control. My timing is off. When I was a kid adults had the control, and now that I am an adult children have control. Until things are turned around society will continue to produce spoiled brats who become selfish, crooked adults

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