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Friday, April 2, 2010

"On airport incidents..."

On airport incidents

The last week has brought chaos to Kaua‘i’s Lihu‘e Airport. The first was when a 55-year-old man assaulted two flight attendants.

The second incident was an entire family letting their children run wild during a flight, believing their little ones were just so cute, but disturbing everyone else.

It was a real life incident of “kids gone wild.”

And the third and most recent is a 22-year-old male taking his aggressions out on a kiosk and having to be restrained.

The reason everyone is going crazy at Lihu‘e Airport is we have no other way to travel long distance in or out of Kaua‘i.

Residents and visitors are traumatized by having to rely on air travel for all off island travel.

These problems will only get worse until such time as an alternative means of travel is introduced. Airports are stressful places with security checks, arriving early, not being able to carry bottled water, or even a nail clipper.

I know a sure way to ease the tensions at the airport: Bring back da Superferry!

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