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Monday, February 1, 2010

"Differing opinions needn't end friendships..."

Differing opinions needn't end friendship. This is in response to the numerous people who take my opinions too seriously. You can never please all of the people. Being a frequent contributor to the letters section and a blogger puts me in a vulnerable position.
Sometimes people love your point of view and sometimes they disagree. The ones who really enjoy my blogs or letters will go out of their way and contact me. The people who disagree will many times be associates who after reading my opinion will be mad or stop talking to me.
We can all have different opinions, whether we express them in letters to the editor, blogging, verbally or in casual conversation. The main thing to focus on is that these are just opinions.
I may disagree with your political point of view or how you raise your child, or that weed blowers should be abolished in residential areas, or that President Obama is the messiah.
My opinion may be different from yours. However, we can still be friends with differences in opinions.

Many times we criticize out of love and concern. I know that's what I do.

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