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Friday, January 22, 2010

How long have you lived here?

A common question if one lives in Hawaii is, how long have you lived here.
It's a seniority type thing. If one is in Hawaii 30 years, they are better than somebody whose been here 20 years, someone who is in Hawaii 20 years is better than someone who has been here ten, and someone born and raised here is better than anybody.

The thing most local people fail to recognize is people who move to Hawaii move here by choice and for their love of the culture and aina, while those who are born and raised here are here because that's where their parents are from.

The newcomer has gone out of their way to be here which actually makes one a stronger Hawaiian Like a convert to a religion, they are usually the strongest congregants because that religion is their choice, not just a religion they were born into.

Next time someone asks how long have you lived here, ask them if they are here by choice or just here because this is where they were born and of convenience.


Judith said...

Wish I was living there now....

KimoRosen said...

did you recognize the two kids in the photo?

Sneezer222 said...

I'd like to be there today, that's for sure. Spitting rain/snow and DARK skies. Way too cold and I'm ready for SPRING.