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Saturday, January 23, 2010

snake oil

Neutriceuticals or pharmaceuticals, snake oil or placebo's, what should one do when sick, blue or dying?
Antibiotics and pharmaceuticals are my saviours, while others swear by goji, aloe vera, noni, supplements, nutrients and herbs.
I had bronchitis and wanted it treated naturally, I went to a naturopath and was treated with acupuncture and expensive supplements, ironically one of the supplements had cow lung in it, yet they suggested I go on a vegetarian diet.
After taking the supplements for days and two acupuncture treatments my bronchitis became worse.
Finally I made an appointment to see a traditional physician and was prescribed antibiotics, within hours of commencing the first dosage of antibiotics I felt like a new man.

Many people who smoke marijuana and self medicaid themselves on magic mushrooms and anything that grows from the earth feel their illegal drugs are justified, yet constantly criticize others for their usage of prescribed legal medications that keep them going day to day.
People are living longer today than any other time in history, our first president George Washington died of a tooth abscess, which today would commonly be treated with antibiotic therapy.
Two years ago I was hospitalized for 3 months with a spinal abscess, which without proper antibiotics and pharmaceuticals most definitely would had taken my life. Pharmaceuticals, or neutriceuticals ? Remembering the old expression, "one man's meat is another man's poison."

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