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Friday, February 26, 2010

Home’s where you’re happy...

Home’s where you’re happy

Recently many articles have been written about the homeless coming to Hawaii with one way tickets issued by the California department of human services.

I lived outdoors many years  squatting in a tent at many different sacred places on Kaua‘i. I did not consider myself homeless because I did not have four walls and a roof over and around me. I was happier living outdoors in the peace and quiet than around roommates, noisy neighbors and society as a whole.

Living on Kaua‘i one must be rich or live alternatively to survive. Those in between are the ones we should worry about, not the people without houses.

Many people who have multi-million-dollar homes are homeless. Home is where you are happy and feel at peace with the divine one. Many people live in mansions and have anxieties and stresses that are horrid to live with.

People living outdoors experience a freeness that you can only experience by living the lifestyle.

To sum things up, one does not need to be without a house to be homeless. Many people without houses have homes in the spirit of the ‘aina and the Lord.

Many of the great sages and prophets that we worship were without houses, but definitely not homeless.

The old expression, “Home is where the heart is,” is as true today as ever.

Next time you speak of the homeless, look within

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