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Sunday, April 18, 2010

"Furlough the Pork..."

                                                            HAWAII POLITICS!  
Instead of furloughing the bread and butter, (teachers, librarians, lifeguards and human service workers,) furlough the pork, (all politician's.) If they are such great public servants, they all need to take a voluntary pay-cut or work pro bono.

Kauai County council members currently make $53,066 a year, the Council chair makes $59,699 a year, plus great health insurance for all council members.

There is only one requirement that they attend one weekly county council meeting, besides that they can manage their time however they wish. they have assigned offices but can work from anywhere they wish. No required hour's are required, their time is all self managed.

Politicians need to step up by example and show what a public servant really is.

If any person in political office were to take a voluntary pay-cut, or work as a volunteer, it would all but guarantee their re-election.

I challenge any politician from the Governor to the Island's Mayor's, to the State Senate, to the State Congress and all Hawaii Island's council members to step up to the plate and be the first to volunteer for a pay-cut, or work pro-bono, any volunteers?

If there are no volunteers, I say furlough all politicians.

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