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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

" A mental disorder..."

Orthodox Judaism is a mental disorder, maybe that's why for so many years I enjoyed hanging out with them, now that I am trying to get better I find them crazier than loons.

Can't do this can't do that, the Rabbi's tell everyone not to work on the sabbath, because if we worked they would be out of a job.

Since I am Jewish I can make light of Jewish stuff, it's the same as a black person being able to use the "N" word.

Orthodox Judaism is a mental dis-order, similar to obsessive compulsive disorder. The practitioners think they are the most sane people in the world. They won't use phone or drive on sabbath or light fires. They unscrew refrigerator lights, won't carry key's, but if there on their neck, on a string it's OK?

People who are not orthodox have obsessive disorders like,  "if you step on a a crack you break your mothers back."  The orthodox Jews have a rule for everything. Don't do this don't do that, but ironically are always trying to find a spiritual loophole?

Playing attorney with G-d is not a good idea, since he will always win. In fact you can't even spell God, G-d forbid.

I have seen food needing to be heated up and if you forget to leave your stove on and forget to have a flame already burning you are not allowed to light the stove. If you leave your bedroom light on before sabbath and it is still on after sabbath starts,  you need to sleep with the light on.

Men dance with men, women dance with woman, and men are not allowed to shake hands or hug woman unless that woman is his wife. The rumor of the orthodox making love through a whole in a sheet is a false hood. Thank G-d Snopes verified that for me.

Look I know a good psychiatrist who will  prescribe something for this, only thing is, it is the sabbath and since he is Jewish cannot write the prescription until after sabbath ends.

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