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Friday, April 16, 2010

"They run the craziest classified ads..."

Kaua'i is home to many far out people. They run the craziest classified ads...

Anything from rooms for rent to men looking for men, men looking for women, and me looking to write another blog...

Here's one of my favorite classified ads that runs frequently, I wonder why?

Enjoy, this is actually a real ad with the exact wording. I left out the name and phone number to protect the innocent...

"Available Room is 9 x 14 with full closet.
Share with a friendly, respectful, cooperative man who sometimes plays
acoustic guitar. Lots of books.
No alcohol, smoking, or drugs. If you must have a TV please use it in
your room with earplugs.
You do not need to be vegetarian, but I am looking for someone who
will be happy not to bring any meat, chicken or fish into the home.
$400/month plus modest utilities & refundable deposit. Available Now."\

Well, was I right?

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