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Sunday, April 11, 2010

"The wrong people and things are being furloughed..."

The wrong government workers are being furloughed and schools never should had been furloughed.

The government workers that need to be furloughed are the majority of our politicians.

Furlough county council, senate, congress, Mayors and the Governor. Nobody will even know these people are not working. All they do is try to get re-elected anyway.

Why furlough the bread and butter, the people that are needed, furlough the pork, the politicians. Start at the top with the people who do the least.

If our politicians gave a rats behind on the state of the economy they would all take a volunteer pay cut. In fact if any politician comes out openly and takes a pay cut during this recession, they are 99% guaranteed of re-election.

Please someone in politics step forward, others will follow.

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