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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

"Coupon books..."

Coupon books are not what they used to be, businesses have become tight and nobody wants to give a deal any more, which is one of the many reasons so many businesses are suffering.

Coupons are ridiculous in Hawaii, one restaurant will give you $5.00 off, but you must spend $35.00 or more and they bill you for the gratuity. I have never spent more than $15.00, so whoopee if I spend another $20.00 and they give me 5.00 off, so what who cares.

There is a muffler shop that has a coupon for a oil change for 29.95, normally 35.95, (then in small print $6.00 for oi filter). I actually went in with the coupon and they wrote up the invoice before they started the work and I said, your kidding right? I refused the service and went to the competitor that charged the same but was not scamming on consumers.

Why would a business spend $500.00 or more on such useless coupons, which may hurt them more than help?

Why not just hang on a sign on your door and offer two for one, no strings attached...

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