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Sunday, May 2, 2010

"How come we don't break up with same sexed friends?.."

I have gone through my share of break-ups with girlfriends. When it's over you do not talk or see each other and one party if not both parties are heart-broken.

I have had many dis-agreements with male friends and have been very pissed off at times, but we never break-up. The same is true for family, how come you can't break up with a brother , sister, cousin, uncle ,auntie, mother or father?

Breakups are only for two people whose lips once touched.

Why can't we break up with obnoxious same sexed friends. You feel obligated to take their calls and make excuses on why you can't do things with them. You act cordial and polite.

Either we start breaking up with same sexed friends and family members we no longer enjoy, or lie in the bed we make.


Linda said...

Hey! We still talk. :)

KimoRosen said...

That's because you are ("McGregor") special and the exception to the rule.. :D)

Linda said...

You are so sweet! :)