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Sunday, July 18, 2010

"Rights of Individuals..."

There is a knock on my door this morning, I see a man in blue strutting a gun in holster, I think the worst...

Who is it?" Department of Land and natural resources officer."

He hands me a piece of paper, untitled, "Rights of Individuals."

He told me all state land is open to public 24-7, he said there are no pins separating the new KPAL police youth center  form state property, and told me it's like walking on the beach. The Hilton can have a beach in front of it's property, the Hilton is private land but the beach although looks like it's the Hilton's beach is the peoples beach.

He also said it is OK to walk on DLNR land, as I suspected they have  let people use the trail for years because they know of it's popular usage and is a much safer alternative than Kawaihau or the other trail that is broken payment and runs steep, he also said they will not be putting up no trespass signs as one local lieutenant   has stated.

He said  I should  ask the state  for something in writing stating allow me access  to   cross the state property. The key is finding the boundary, since much state land is not surveyed.

He confirmed it is the lieutenant  who has the fight with me since I initiated this whole process sending photos of the deliberate trail blockage ordered by one local lieutenant. It was the Honolulu office that ordered local police  to clear the land they blocked, hence the local lieutenant  in charge  gets mad at a little old sick Jewish guy (me) and orders 3 cops, 3 squad cars, 2 video camera's in my face  on the first furlough shorthanded day our conty had to deal with.

He also confirmed that the reason the cops came to harass me was an anonymous call to KPD, he told me I have the legal  right to know my accuser, he believes as I did, it was one of the out of uniform cops landscaping that day. He told me to demand who my accuser is, as is our right.

Mr. Milton  Ching the DLNR officer  was a true gentlemen, I invited him in we talked well over 30 minutes, before I had to excuse to myself to medicate my diabetes. He said he came because everyone has been sending their office complaint's, he was basically here to tell me to stand up for my rights, I told him  I have been, nice having it reinforced by a man in uniform wearing a gun.

I will call his boss tomorrow, to see what I can get in writing, in the meantime my rights were highly violated, not only with harassment,  but by the cops helping a local man on the same trail  home the other night and not arresting or giving him fair warning, that man  of course being a relative of the lieutenant in charge.

 I am siting on pins and needles since everyday we take the alternate routes it makes life much more stressful and dangerous.

This is not a done deal but looks like the ball is rolling my way... stay tuned.


Richard Spacer said...

Good Jim! Keep up the good work! Get the DLNR policy in writing and then get the KPD to withdraw their paper served on you stating you were tresspassing, the one they substituted their signature for yours on. If they refuse, then go to Kauai Police Commission immediately and file a lawsuit if KPC fails you.

KimoRosen said...

Thanks Richard!

KimoRosen said...

Enclosed is the URL to the document Milton Ching (DLNR officer) gave me...thought this may help. Aloha Kimo


Anonymous said...


KimoRosen said...

The sting, I have been scammed, today DLNR add a no trespass sticker to their no camping sign.

These guys are trying my patience... I need help, can't fight city hall on my own.