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Friday, January 14, 2011

"People in glass houses should not throw stones..."

(Editors note, Kaua'i High school recently fired a good coach because he was reported swearing.)

Another hypocrisy, in the cyber world, we use "lol," "wtf," all the time and it is acceptable, but G-d forbid in the moment of passion when testosterone and emotions run high, no I'm not talking about marital relations, I am talking football! ;D)

Coaches swear because they care. What are the coaches suppose to say, "oh gee little Kaipo, run fast OK, can you do that without hurting yourself?"

Or do you get them motivated and say, "move your you know what," in a different dialect of course.

Who cares if the coach swears, he's swearing out of commitment and love of team to make the kids try harder and become better, no drill sergeant was ever easy on a recruit.

Do you think coaches in the NFL swear? Could you imagine firing an NFL coach for swearing? Emotions and testosterone run wild on the football field, I am not condoning this in the classroom but give me a break...

Give coach Borrero another chance, he did something we are all guilty of, which brings to mind all the people portraying themselves as holier than thou. Remember people in glass houses should not throw stones...

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