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Sunday, April 24, 2011

"Next year at Taco Bell..!"

These days for me a Holiday is not much different than any other day, everyday of the year is someones birthday, and with all the religious holidays and secular holidays, it gets hard deciding which ones to celebrate.

Thanksgiving is probably my favorite holiday, since it is an American holiday!

The rules of holidays are what I question. For the Jewish holiday of passover, Jews are not suppose to eat leaven (bread or anything with yeast for 8 days.) This tradition starts with the Jews escape from Egyptian bondage and slavery. While on the run they didn't have time for the baking of bread, therefore we eat Matzo, a bland cracker with very little taste during this holiday.

We celebrate passover with the humbleness with no bread, however we prepare huge holiday meals of a roasted brisket with pan fried potatoes, matzo ball soup with chicken, elaborate salads and special cookies made from matzo meal instead of flour. I don't believe the Jews had time to make those items either if they didn't even have the time to bake bread.

The other irony is when you mix flour and water in a warm environment it creates sourdough, which is a sour yeast, I therefore believe that the matzo cracker would had risen in many cases.

We eat matzo and have elaborate gourmet meals to remember the days of slavery.

Why not just enjoy a nice spontaneous meal on the move, as most probably did during the exodus.

How about going through the drive through at Taco Bell.(after all tortilla's are unleavened) This would sure make one humble and an appropriate way to remember hard times.

Next year at Taco Bell!

(editors note, the last words at every passover Seder are next year in Jerusalem, next year at Taco bell is a play on words and an attempt at humor)

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