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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

"Living obituaries..." 'Obama Da Dog'

     "Life is short, say nice things about others while they're still alive..." Don't wait to read about a friend's death in the daily obituaries, say nice things while your friends are still alive and kickin..."
I recently received in my email in-box a forwarded message from a friend, it stated;" How many flowers are sent to a person when he or she expires and how many flowers did he or she receive alive? A dead nose can't smell a rose."

Wouldn't it be wonderful if we looked at our friends and relatives and told them the stories we would tell at their funeral, but instead tell them while their still breathing?

Our lives are not video recordings, we cannot reverse and edit and make up for our mistakes and regrets.

 Write or say  something nice for a friend that is still living, instead of waiting to tell how great a person they were at their funeral. Say something nice to your friends and relatives directly, while they're still alive.

Obituaries are 99%  positive, if only we treated each other with such do respect while we're alive.

Why not pretend your best friend, partner,sibling, neighbor or co-worker just passed away and tell them to their face the thoughts you have! Living obituaries, wouldn't that be awesome!

For everyone reading this, these imaginary roses are for you.

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Anonymous said...

Douglas Dunn said via facebook;"Why don't we show respect to the living while they can still enjoy it?"

Anonymous said...

Bettejo Dux said via facebook;"KIMO, enter the discussion site this morning. Everything I tried to say yesterday-about noon-is there today. I am NOT being paranoid. Someone is censoring me. I'll get off to an early start, hereafter if i have something 'juicy' to say. H...ope EMERALD is reading this, too. See you Monday. You can get this on your blog if you want. And everybody be sure ylu read Vagina enters left--or is it right? CNN Wayne Drash and Jessica Ravitz. Love'ya me"

KimoRosen said...

Doug, right on, and Bettejo I will check discussion board.... ;D)