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Thursday, April 26, 2012

"For now, enjoy your morning Joe..." 'Obama Da Dog' (Aloha Friday)

Obama Da Dog is sitting in this Aloha Friday for Michael Herr, hopefully Michael will be back next Friday!
"Many still read a hard copy of their daily newspaper, however studies show most are reading online..."This blog ran an an opinion article in the Friday May 11, 2012 edition of the Kaua'i Garden Island news titled; "The Times are indeed changing..."
The Garden Island newspaper recently announced they will no longer be printing a Saturday edition. Saturday has always statistically been  the least read day of most Newspapers around the globe.The Friday and Saturday's paper commencing May 4TH will be combined as a special weekend edition, however a Saturday paper will still be avail on line.

This is a  brilliant move by TGI since I believe the future of print media will go totally cyber-electric.  People now read novels electronically on their Kindles with a quick download, students do the same with their text books and most of us can read just about any newspaper across the planet with a simple click of the mouse.

The environment benefits, there are no polluting papers or inks and the business going totally electronic can save enormous amounts of capital.

Radio did not go belly-up the advent of the television, movie theatres did not go out business with the brainchild of the VCR and DVD, and although many may lose jobs, such as pressman and paper-boys, many others will gain employment in the cyber world.

For now  you can still enjoy your morning Joe with with a hard-copied 'TGI,' however to quote my friend Robert Zimmerman,  "These times they are a changin!"


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Anonymous said...

"Unc" ssid via facebook;"Where am I going to find useless one paper town paper for my bird cage ? Thanks Bill Gates & Steve Jobs for the paperless news :-)"

Anonymous said...

"Unc" said via email;"Oy vey !!! prepare for the paper less world ,already my paper food stamps are disappearing fast." :'(

Anonymous said...

John Mancini said via facebook;" Oh wow man. I didn't know you and Dylan were friends?"

KimoRosen said...

Back in 1975 I had coffee with him at a juniopr college, not really friends per se, but we did have interaction!

Anonymous said...

You,Chester Lau, Rema Murphy and Davis D. Danizier like thisccording to facebook....

Anonymous said...

John Mancini said via facebook;"That's cool, Kimo! Did he drink his coffee black, or with cream and sugar? Or, did he pull out a flask and add a few drops of whiskey???"

KimoRosen said...

actually I had coffee, he was just meeting everyone, I was the editor of the college newspaper... Brief encounter, I'm still calling him a friend though!

Anonymous said...

John Mancini said via facebook;"As well you should!"