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Saturday, April 14, 2012

"Where is your chicken..?" 'Obama Da Dog'

"Check for yourself, I look nothing like the guy with the chicken..!"

Bicycling  is my main form of transportation on the island where I reside. My dog "Obama" is my constant companion, she runs along side my bike as I cruise about my daily activities. 

There is another man on the cosmic hamlet of an island that rides a bicycle with a wild Kaua'i chicken on the handlebars. This man and myself look nothing alike, yet on a daily basis people will consistently  ask me "where's your chicken?"

I look nothing like this guy, the only thing we have in common is we are both of the same color of skin. I believe people mix this man and myself up because to them, all the people of my skin color look alike?

I try explaining this guy is someone else, but for some reason they do not believe me.  

I came to the conclusion that  "where is your chicken," is a metaphorical way of asking, are you Haole, and my response as always is, " Why, what I did?(sic) After all is said and done we end a fowl situation  with a hen (sic) shake.

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Anonymous said...

Rema Murphy said via facebook;"HoHo"