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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

"Special report on Gay Marriage..." 'Obama Da Dog'

'Obama Da Dog' articulates feelings about "Gay Marriage.!" However Obama is adamant and draws the line on cats and dogs living together...Ironically this is blog #666  such an appropriate title for such a number!

Special report!

Although Gay marriage has received a huge "YES," Kaua'i has become the island of "NO!"   No to Plastic-bags, no to Super-ferry, no to rice-cookers, no to to more roads,  no to GMOs, no to most new business and no to smart meters.

Marriage as defined in my Oxford Dictionary Thesaurus is;" The legal union of a man and women."

 I definitely know there is no such thing as "Gay marriage." Gay as described in the dictionary means lighthearted or brightly coloured... as in Fred Flintstone "we'll have a gay old time". Believe me, marriage is no Gay old time.

As for two people wanting to make each other miserable, I say fine with that.

I do draw the line at cats and dogs living together.

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Anonymous said...

"Chester "Unc" Lau said via facebook;"Touché Monsieur,marriage is NO BUSINESS OF A 3rd PARTY..."