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Monday, June 11, 2012

Professional hand wavers are back....2012 is an election year, or should I say a hand waiving year!‏ 'Obama Da Dog'

"Hand-waving is one of the most important aspects of an election campaign on the quiet cosmic island of Kauai..."
This blog also appeared as an opinion article on Father's day, 06-17-12 in the Kaua'i Garden Island News.
The Professional sidewalk trespassers and hand-wavers are back for the 2012 elections doing what they do, trying to employ and emulate what they believe a politician does best.

A Politician first and foremost must be able to wave, the Shaka wave will usually get you extra votes in Hawai'i.

Blocking sidewalks  and forcing  pedestrians to walk on the street is another prerequisite in running for political office.

After the elections there  is no longer the need to block sidewalks or wave from their favorite street corner. For the hand wavers who win  county council seats,  it's now time to attend to their part time job which pays $56,000 a year, (an extra $7,000 for the chair) $500 a month car allowance, the best available health insurance known to  man and woman-kind and  free bus service for unlimited travel island wide of which most county employees never use.

Enjoy the hand-waving competition for it will soon be over, and make sure to vote for your favorite hand waiver this coming November.
I still like the Miss America wave da best!


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