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Sunday, June 9, 2013

"Eat Drink And Be Merry-All For Charity" 'James "Kimo" Rosen

Katerina Norman, Kapa'a Rotary President 
and Shawn Gallagher, Executive chef
of the Eastside in Kapa'a enjoy the

 25th milestone silver anniversary
of the Taste of Hawai'i at Smiths Tropical Paradise.

To commemorate the 25th Taste each chef was
  presented a  limited edition silver anniversary apron.

For more photos of The Taste go to;

Eat Drink And Be Merry-All For Charity

The Taste of Hawai'i' is Kaua'i's annual signature event by which many visitors plan their trips around. This past year the Taste celebrated their 25th milestone silver anniversary.

'Taste' is  my favorite annual event on Kaua'i and is basically my Christmas-Chanukah in June. I decided to buy a new shirt for  the event. I tried the shirt on and it looked very nice, a medium tight fitting pullover  aloha shirt.  I decided right before leaving to change to my regular wardrobe, a loose fitting T-shirt and shorts with a draw string, I am so glad I did and here's why;

The brunch which features over 50 chefs strutting their signature dishes, 15 plus beer, wine and soft drink beverage vendors allows you to eat  and drink to your hearts content. The 10 plus musical bands from Rock' roll to Big band allow you to burn off a few calories and make room for even more delicious ono grinds, then take a breather over  at the silent auction to make room for the Lappert's ice cream station. Therefore remember to wear a loose fitting clothing to get in as much as possible.

The wood fired flat-bread brushed with olive oil and herbs presented by The Feral Pig restaurant along with their slow smoked  Porchetta, a savory boneless pork roast of Italian culinary tradition was one of many ono food exhibits at the 25th milestone silver anniversary at  the Taste of Hawai'i.  Everyone who tasted this culinary delight had two things to say, "Broke Da Mout and Wop Da Jaw" ( meaning delicious in Hawaiian pidgin) (photo bottom page)

Rumor has it for this special day that the  food  and drink have zero calories, so just pretend your in heaven and eat to your hearts content. I feel sorry for the people wanting to lose weight that have had  their stomachs stapled, unstable them for da Taste! 

Seriously,"Taste" is not only a taste of food but a taste of community, a taste of charity and a taste of fellowship."Taste" is a community event sponsored by the  Kapa'a Rotarian's. All profits go towards scholarships for our local youth and fund international projects such as providing safe drinking water and sanitation in schools for people in poverty stricken areas around.

To commemorate the 25th Taste each chef  was presented with a limited edition silver anniversary apron by the Rotary club of Kapa'a. (Rotary President Katerina Norman can be seen modeling one of the aprons in the above photo.)

Happy silver anniversary and  a huge  Mahalo Nui Loa to the Rotary club of Kapa'a, the chefs,vendors, musicians and the numerous volunteers making this all possible. Eat drink and be merry,  to another 25 years of da Taste!


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Marty Kahn said...

via email, "Thanks for the kind words Kimo.
Sounds like the event was worth your time and your contribution."