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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

"From Hawaii to the Naked City ..." 'Chester "Unc" Lau'

Many know Chester  (Unc) as the guy who makes us laugh over the years with his
numerous hilarious  guest-blog's. Unc not only loves to give politicians a hard
time, but  something most of you may not know, Chester is a naturist, a person who enjoys doing
normal everyday things in au natural i way, in his birthday suit. Back in 1996 Unc wrote a beautiful essay
about his trip to France and the naturist lifestyle. This blog is a little long, but truly worth the read.
How appropriate to have a veteran guest-blog on Independence day about freedom, real freedom of
running around naked and free.  
I guess it's true what they say,  "They don't wear pants
on the other side of France!"
Happy Independence day!
""Unc is a retired cinematographer living
on the Hawai'ian island of Oahu.  Enjoy!

           Enjoying  Heaven While on Earth
                               "From Paradise to Paradise"  

From Hawaii to the Naked City of Cap d'Agde,France
                   Cap d'Agde pronounce Cap Dark
                               By Chester Lau-----aka----l'oncle Amusant

           In beautiful Hawaii, land of  perpetual sunshine, warm breezes ,  big surfs

and sandy beaches, a paradise in the middle of the Pacific ocean ,a perfect

Setting for nudism...but unless you are rich & famous , have a back yard

patio or own a private ranch...nude recreation out doors is impossible

in urban Honolulu !!!The only thing lacking is land where the nudists can

roam free from the stresses of everyday life ...this is like big kids in a

candy store but can't get any piece of the candy, a paradise wasted, Hawaii,

Are you listening? Back in the early '70' s there was an good attempt to

Establish a Nudist park on the North shores of Oahu, the capital island of

Hawaii, I had a little brush with social nudism at the time & it was

Paradise for a dozen or two lucky weekend nudists  for a  while until the property

owners terminated the land  lease along with social nudism in Hawaii,there

may be some small home nudism practiced, but not much  was organized due to

shortage of affordable land, so we say ALOHA(good bye) to outdoor nudism in

Hawaii. Unfortunately,To enjoy a clothes free life in the sun, Hawaii

residents  need to escape to other lands to enjoy this nature's elixir of life.                                        
Flipping thru the pages of  Nude & Natural magazine... I came upon dozens

of ads advertising nudist parks & resorts included a few bed & breakfast

clothes optional clubs now advertised on the outside islands,but which is the

one ? why do people need to go outside of Hawaii to enjoy this freedom and

nature's elixir  of life ? for a closet nudists who lived in urban

Honolulu,there is no outlet for outdoor nude sun bathing except out of this

island paradise,what a shame !!!but nothing attracted me more than the Cap

d'Agde ad by  Paul & Claudine or From Paradis to Paradise Travel  in

Kissimmee,Florida, most welcome are the words 40,000 nudists a day at Cap

d'Agde and SINGLES WELCOMED ! For obvious reasons,singles have always been

frowned on by nudist resorts ,law abiding singles may harbor the nudist

philosophy for years,but there is no outward signs of welcome & especially in

Hawaii,one doesn't go directly to a woman and ask if she would like to

go to a nudist resort .

I have no intention of traveling half way around the world just to sunbathe

on the Mediterranean  sea...Hawaii has just as much sunshine & fresh  air as any

place,besides it 's cheaper, much cheaper to stay at home,but the thought of

the French cuisine,the  Eiffel tower,the Moulin Rouge ,Les Can Can girls etc

intrigue me to  explore  why 30 or 40,000 international naturists can get

along  happily ever after peacefully  sunbathing naked at Cap d'Agde to enjoy a man

made paradise while on earth.If this phenomenon is only at Cap d'Agde ,just

imagine how many  other nudist resorts & closet nudists are there in the world  , all these

people can't be wrong.

So just for fun, I picked up the phone & dialed the 800 numbers connected

to Paradise to Paradise Travel requesting information for Cap d'Agde , so when

Claudine answered the phone,I was floored by her lovely French accent,there

is something in French I love, it's  their cuisine,their carefree life

style,the statue of Liberty,the help we received in the American revolution

of 1776 .

Claudine was gracious,charming,informative & very business like. The

advertising said that you could walk naked amongst 30,000 to 40,000 nudists

a day...shop for groceries or dine at the restaurants unclothed,isn't this

the garden of Eden ?

But with a skeptical eye, I  try to pick out ten reasons why I should NOT

go to Cap d'Agde.

While trying to make up my mind about Cap d'Agde .I reread many nudist

publications &  wonder  what kind of people are those International nudists

at Cap d'Agde ? what motivates them to bring their families there year after

year ? What motivates them to be nudists in the first place ?

To find out for myself about true nudism , I need to personally check it

out,this is easily said & done in printed publications,but how is it in the

real world ? Curiosity about the international nudism phenomenon , I forsaked

my 10 skepticisms about why I should not go to Cap d'Agde to check out social

nudism at it's best.

So I picked up the phone & called Claudine to book my adventure

to Paradise...Cap d'Agde on the French Riviera ,to personally experience the

freedom and thrill of walking naked amongst thousands of international


Now the questions come to mind, How am I going to looked upon by other

nudists ? a broken down senior citizen with skin & bones & the loss of half a head of

hair,should I back out now ?  is everyone there a movie star ? body perfect ?

how about disabled wheel chaired nudists,are they accepted? how are the

accommodations? do they have modern plumbings, is the food fit to eat ? what

can we do to keep busy ? a million & one questions to follow ,a million

emails & phone calls to Paul & Claudine eased my mind,info from all sources related

not all nudists are body perfect,they came in all ages,shapes & sizes,new

born as well as senior citizens,no one pays any attention to how  you look,just

how you behave.So with this in mind ,The travel arrangement was made.Paul and

Claudine will pick me up at the Newark airport for our initial meeting &

connecting flight to France,and in consideration for the long journey that I

must make from Honolulu to the east coast ,Paul suggested  that I come a few

days early & rest in their Sky Farm nudist resort in NJ.This way we can

depart  together from Newark to Paris,France . Barcelona Spain & bus our way to Cap

d'Agde..this is exactly what the doctor ordered !!!  As I loath to hang around

airport hotels waiting to make airline connecting flights .

After a 9 hour flight from Honolulu to Newark,while heading out of the

airport,I am wondering if I can recognize  the Paul ,I had told

Claudine that I will be wearing a white hat for ID, hoping no one else will be wear a

white hat for that day,but waiting on the exit corridor were two unmistaken

smiles...Paul & Claudine I presume ? A happy union like long lost  relatives.

A 30 minute drive out of Newark airport, nestled near the heart of Newark &

among  the tall trees is beautiful Sky Farm Naturist resort,one of the oldest nudist

club in the U.S.,aside from the very primitive nudist park in Hawaii that I

encountered  in the early 70s,this is the first honest to goodness nudist club I

ever experienced as a born again nudist,I was impressed. Among the  tall trees

were private cottages with individual designs...the wooded area reminded me

of  the days of the pioneers ,no parking meters or traffic lights but with hot

showers,a modern heated pool & sauna. and a large grassed area  with louge

chairs for sun bathing. After a good night's rest,I tried getting as much

sunshine as possible & meet some of the nicest people around the pool before

our departure for the airport,for a visiting stranger,I was treated like family

by the wonderful people I met at Sky Farm ,I'm still not sure if this is a

dream,but dream on & enjoy the marvelous people & the pool  until our

departure  for Newark International,where we met our tour group,others went ahead to

enjoy Paris & other parts of Europe ,we will meet them at the Cap.

A seven hours flight from Newark to Paris 's Charles De Gaull airport,and a

connecting two hour flight to Barcelona,Spain . The limousine ride from

Barcelona to the Cap was beautiful, super highways,old castles & farmlands

like picture post cards ,smooth sailing until  we hit a  bumper to bumper traffic

jam about an hour before the Cap on a Saturday afternoon... Wow ! looks like

the whole world is descending on the Cap  ! this must be an ultra popular

place I thought, all  those people , Why are they  flocking into this place ?  After

about an hour or so of traffic ,We finally arrived at the textile side of the

city of  d’Agde,a beautiful old city of  Greek origin,  situated on the banks

of river Herault and at the foot of Mont St.Loup on the Mediterranean sea  with

2,500 year history of nudism . The city of Agde vies with Marseille for the

title of the oldest town in France.We breezed through & enjoyed this ancient

city while looking for the office to port Nature, the center to Naturism  at

the Cap , we entered  this office from the textile side,registered & received

our keys to our apartments and enter the compound through an controlled gate

and... voilà !!! here we are...hundreds of people on the streets going about

their businesses au naturel...what a glorious sight,men,women,children &

senior citizens...PARADISE FOUND!!!

The day was young ,sunny and hot,we were all anxious to get out of

our sticky textiles .Getting into my apartment 217  on the 2nd floor,I

was delighted with a spacious clean apartment with flush toilet,hot water ,a

modern electrical kitchen with full cooking utensils,for  a family of four,

it  can be quite economical to experience paradise for a reasonable price .From

the balcony ,I could see the Mediterranean sea , nude sunbathers filled the

beach,a man made swimming pool & the shopping center ,all within a minutes

walk ,where one can purchase all the necessities of life plus restaurants where one can

dine  or  shop for groceries in the nude ,needless to say that I am  off with

all textiles in a flash & headed for the beach .It was about 4 pm,the sun was

shinning bright,the water inviting .I am anxious to check out this famous

nude beach full of sunbathers the French called the PLAGE .On the edge of the

beach .There are signs indicating  :
                             INTERDIT AUX CHIENS
                                  (No Dogs)
                           PLAGE  QUARTIER NATURISTE
                            (Naturist Quarter Beach)
                              NUDITE OBLIGATOIRE
                             ( nudity mandatory)

Contrary to the US where bathing suits are mandatory on beaches.

                                                 (End part I)

                                                  (Part II)

I start to explore the beach from one end to the other , This is what I

came to investigate,here I am, fearless ,comfortable & naked amongst

thousands of naked strangers I felt completely comfortable for a born again nudist,

body beautiful or imperfection ,who cares ? none of this entered my mind or other

people's mind ,I am clothed only with my own skin & bones & half a head of

hair...No buts about it, I am  an instant convert to nudism forever!!! While

enjoying my first encounter with European nudism ,the weather was perfect

,the water inviting, I must test this water ,this is what I came half  way around

the world to check out .Waters around the world are the same, even though I am

not  a water person , I dip my little pinky into the sea, found it warm &

pleasant  & you can see about 2 or 3 feet of  the sandy bottom ,people a 100 yards out to

sea are still only knee deep in water, wind surfers, jet skiers, kayakers &

all  kinds of water sports around us frolicking in the  sun ,surfing in the wind &

sailing on the sea, aah...paradise !!!

I tried shake & baked as long as I could until sunset at about 8:30 pm.,then

headed for the shopping center  in my birthday suit for groceries & my love

for the famous fresh French bread .no surprises ,other shoppers are naked ,senior

citizens ,families with children...this is what I came to investigate and it

is  all  TRUE . I am really in paradise !!!

Early the next morning, I was most curious about the jam-packed camp

sites adjacent to our apartment building loaded with trailers ,tents & mobile

homes from all over Europe as indicated by the little national flags on the

premises...From Germany, Switzerland, Holland & Scandinavia .people are

up, relaxing, having breakfast & preparing for a day in the sun ,a happy

International group they are .

For our tour group, make your own lunch or dine at the Le Galion beach snack

bar. For the remainder of the day ,the sunshine was good to about 8 to 8:30

pm,diehard sunbathers stay put until last rays of sunshine, then headed

home to prepare dinner or visit restaurants.

Days are cool in the morning at d'Adge about 60 % F. People put their

textile on for the parade to the bakeries for fresh French breads,  nudists are

no fools, when the weather is cold ,they put on textiles ,but when the sun

appears to be warm about 10 am or noon ,the beaches are instantly packed

with nude sunbathers. Families with babes in arms ,children & adolescents, most

impressive, are the multitude of senior citizens equally divided among

adults & the little ones , no one cares, gawks or criticize your body, so just be

natural, be comfortable and enjoy yourselves...bring a large towel & ice cold

bottled drinking water , snacks, CD player or radio with ear phones ,swim or

play your favorite games, enjoy the sunshine & fresh air & meet the

international nudists with smile & sign languages. I was more interested in

watching the parade of heads, senior citizens, grandparents...captains

of industries, doctors, lawyers, clergies or your friendly

grocery store clerks. some of them came on great expenses just to be free

from the everyday  stresses of businesses or work. People tended to mind their own

businesses...but a hearty "Bonjour" lighten up all stranger's  faces &

receiving a hearty "Bonjour "in return...an universal language we all

In conclusion ,why nudism ? It is the inherent craving of all freedom loving

people to be free to participate in freedom alone or with like minded

people to do something different & exciting in life ! some people sky dive ,some people

climb mount Everest , As a born again nudist, I  investigated &  walked naked

amongst thousands  at Cap d 'Agde ,I came ,I saw & I surrendered...unbelievable,

but it is all true .  A fulfillment of a life long dream that others can only

dream  of...I propose that no one should leave this earth without a pilgrimage

to Cap d'Agde in southern France !!!  I had traveled worldwide from China to

Singapore, from Europe to Scandinavia , but nothing can compare to Cap d 'Agde

in  France with its unique, carefree and mature philosophy on nudism...a marvelous

experience that we can learn from the Europeans.   It can only exist &

prosper with the matured French attitude about the nude human bodies ,for people who

have been bad all their lives  like me, Cap d'Agde can be the nearest  to

paradise one can encounter while on earth ,my only regret is NOT having done

this sooner . La Fayette ,we are here! I thank you for our fourth of July in

1776 and now I thank you for Cap D'Agde in 1996 , Merci Beaucoup .

To experience everything that I described about Cap d'Agde, Google "Cap D'Agde"

 for travel information, they are many travel companies who can help you .

  travel to  Cap d'Agde and all of France.  Or visit their web site at www.cap-d-agde.com

( Article MAY end here,but if space available,take your pick on the stuff

                       Some travel tips to Cap d 'Agde ,France

                                        money exchange...

At Newark air port. we exchanged US$ 200 for incidental expenses ,unless
you are a big spender , I found this amount quite sufficient   for a weeks
tour, but for big spenders,sky is the limit,I suggest Travelers Checks in
$20 denominations & some US $s in $ 1, 5 & 10s,cash big bills when you
first arrived,do not accumulate too much foreign money near the end of your
trip ,exchange small money as you needed them so you won't be stuck with a
large amount of foreign currency when  returning home ,although you can
exchange them for your home currency at a lost .The bank at the shopping
center are opened from 9 am to 2 pm & from  4 pm to  9pm, 7 days a week
from early July to end of August. no need to panic about money exchange
when needed .                            

                Have fun,meet new people .try new things..foods etc.

Try something different while you are in a foreign land , sample local
foods & delicacies...like seafood from the Mediterranean sea ,fresh boiled
shrimps,lobsters & sea snails that tasted like escargots...imported honey
dew  mellons from Spain that are super sweet & juicy...ahhh ... the great
French bread  they called baguette or petit pain..meet friendly people from
all over the world,make new friends,try learn their languages,sign
languages can be fun,a friendly smile or "Bonjour" can go a long way..

I packed only two sets of casual wears, T-shirts & pants (long or short) &
rubber beach thongs for this half way around the world travel to Cap d'Agde
, Two large beach towels & wash cloths, toilet articles to include a tooth
brush, battery operated shaving equipments etc.a jacket in case
of cool weather. travel as simply as possible . any other needs can be
purchased at the Cap.
Once at the Cap,no textile  or laundry necessary,soiled linens are
exchanged weekly.

Bring Bath soap & dish washing detergents with sponges ,radio or CD
player,writing materials or you can purchased them at the Cap.
Bring personal medicines etc. maybe a camera,but you have very little use
for it.  don't expect room services  , elevators  or air conditionings in
Europe, a little exercise will do you good .

Travel info to Cap d'Agde ,see web page :  http://www.cap-d-agde.com 

------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Google d'Agde for current infos ------------- Claudine & Paul may have retired --------------------------

Hana Hou, (Encore) Shared from Facebook....


Harmony Bentosino said...

Interesting you chose the 4th of July holiday of freedom to run the nudist story. Reminds me of the time the Naturist held a nude Passover Seder also celebrating freedom!

KimoRosen said...

Well,isn't independence day about freedom? Happy Independence day!

Chester "Unc" Lau said...

Merci Beaucoup for a job well done,may FREEDOM Prevail Forever from our 4th of July & for the Egyptians too. May they also have a Cap Cairo.