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Monday, May 18, 2015

"Ads Gone Wild..." 'Kimo's world #72'

James "Kimo"Rosen is a retired Professional Photographer living on the
Garden island of Kaua'i with his best friend Obama Da Dog.

Kimo's World #72
Ads Gone Wild

 Is it  just me or has advertising gone wild?

Supermarkets,discount stores, fast food, car dealerships and big box store  ads make absolutely no sense and seem to have   gone insane?
This meme was used on Facebook to
promote this blog...

Nothing is ever just a simple price. Nothing even seems to make business sense? Remember when  items where simply priced at .99 each? Now you will see Colgate tooth paste advertised at 5/5/, Frito lay corn chips 2/5.Even at the farmers market you will see papayas advertised at 4/5? Why not just advertise at 1.25 each.  DiGiorno frozen Pizza is advertised at 2/12.50. I don't want two pizzas. I just want one and Ironically one pizza alacarte is $5.00.
I could buy 2 individual pizza's cheaper than the package of two? Who manages these stores?

Passing by the car dealerships  there are signs posted on used pick up trucks that read, $900.00 and in small writing, it says down. The sign is misleading from a distance because you cannot see the word down until 2 feet away.

A local fast food enterprise advertises;  4-chicken nuggets for $1.60, yet 10 chicken Nuggets are advertised at $4.99.  Do the math! It's cheaper  to buy 3 packages of 4 chicken nuggets at 1.60 each.  Buying  3 packages of 4 nuggets would equal-12 nuggets for $4.80.Therefore saving 20 cents and even getting 2 extra nuggets. Shouldn't you get a better deal buying the bigger package?

A local discount store has has Clorox bleach, 1/2 gallon for $1.60, and the gallon is $3.99. It's cheaper buying 2 half gallons than the larger size gallon.

The old joke about the salesman who was so good he could sell freezers to the Eskimos who live in the Arctic circle is not so far fetched. Don't get me going on Food trucks...

Remember to always check prices, do the math, otherwise the joke may just be on you.

BTW, Have I got a deal for you.

Check out this YouTube, a dog on a merry-go-round! ;-)


Hana Hou, (Encore) Shared From Facebook


Rick Comstock said...

Yes and the stores that offer that ole saying, "you need to buy two to get the store special discount" and the price of two is higher than the single....'damn at least give me a smile when you do that to me...'

Chester "Unc" Lau said...

Shalom Rabbi :
ha ha ha ... :-DThe motive for opening a large or a mom & pop stores is the same,profit or sink ,because before even the door is opened,the over head piles up,rent,salaries,insurance,book keepings ,taxes etc. yes they need to advertise to start the ball rolling for customers,but most importantly are the HONESTY,SERVICES WITH A SMILES from the staff & management to draw shoppers back again & again. yes,the power of Smiles & services would make the customers feel like home, empty shelf ? will reserve the product for you when replenished, inoperable merchandises ? friendly exchange,no problem.I am the boss who hold the purse string ,I purchase what I needed not what the store think I need,render me good service or auf wiedershen ,no advising can draw me in.

l'oncle Amusant ,aka Unc :-Dthe Cheap skate Unc who purchased the Brooklyn bridge for a $ down & a $ a year :-D

Anonymous said...

Good point, Kimo. Sure glad that I have the mute button on my remote when I watch my Dodgers play so I do not have to watch and listen to the idiot advertising (2 for 1 or whatever) that plagues the TV!!