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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

"Call the Bushes a dynasty, but the Clintons..?" 'Douglas Dunn' (Political Opinion)

Guest blogger Douglas Dunn  operates a small publishing
 consulting business in San Diego county and is a
  certified American sign language  interpreter.
  Doug has been a Democratic Party media spokesperson
 and  had  the good fortune to work with Hillary Clinton
 and Barack Obama. Doug also drives a Nissan Leaf !

Call the Bushes a dynasty -- but the Clintons?

We keep hearing about the “dynasty” candidates, identified as Republican Jeb Bush and Democrat Hillary Rodham Clinton, as if they are somehow equivalent. Sure, it makes for a good story line, but it promotes a false equivalence. 

The word “dynasty” conjures images of hereditary generational control of nations or empires, such as the monarchies of Europe or the emperors of China, with power handed down across generations.
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Could  2016 bring back
 Bush-Clinton? Stay tuned!

This is certainly exemplified by the Bushes, a family of old East Coast hereditary wealth now in its third generation of power (Sen. Prescott Bush, then President George H.W. Bush, then President George W. Bush) and preparing a fourth generation (Texas land commissioner George P. Bush).

But it hardly represents the Clintons, two members of the same generation and immediate household, arising from modest origins and rising to the highest pinnacles of achievement entirely on their own individual merit and work.

Note, this blog also appeared as Opinion column (LTE)in the Los Angeles Times (print edition and online), one of the most widely-read newspapers in the world. Check out link below;

Doug and President Obama at the
2007 California Democratic  convention

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KimoRosen said...

You heard it first from Kimo's crystal ball. I predict Joe Biden will enter the Presidential race, with Obama's current near perfect track record, seems a no brainer? Look out Hillary! wink emoticon