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Monday, November 16, 2015

"Getting leid, ain't like it use to be..." 'James "Kimo" Rosen' (Kimo's world #98)

James "Kimo" Rosen is a retired professional photographer
 and amongst other things lived in a tent outdoors for 7 years.
Rosen currently resides on the tropical island of Kaua'i
with his best friend and spiritual adviser Obama Da Dog!

Rosen's cousin Sue recently visited Kaua'i on the cruise ship
'Pride of America' as seen in the background of the above photo.
Shot by my awesome friend Rick Comstock.(Rikster)

Kimo's world #98

Getting leid, ain't like it use to be
First time getting leid!

A few short years ago one could get leid in Hawai'i for approximately $5.00--for a simple plumeria lei. They sold at many  grocery stores and flower shops.

My cousin Sue was recently visiting  Kaua'i on the 'Pride of America' cruise ship and we were scheduled to spend a day hanging out and talking story.
Cousin Sue really enjoyed the weather
station at the Kauai Marriott

The day before she came I went to Safeway to purchase a nice plumeria lei.  You guessed it, they had no plumeria leis and said they don't handle them anymore since they cannot find a local supplier or person who can make enough leis to supply them.

The least inexpensive Lei was $18.00 and it was wilted. I asked the girl behind the counter,"why is getting leid so expensive?" 

She told me all the leis come form the Big island and the freight alone on Hawai'ian airlines is outrageous. Therefore the majority of the cost is local freight. The cost of freight on these flower leis is just as outrageous as inter-island airfare prices, however that is a topic for another time.

I found it  beyond belief that a dozen red roses could be purchased for $12.00, however a simple Hawai'ian wilted flower lei was minimum $18.00, up to $50.00.

I proceeded to tell  the girl it was highway robbery. I decided on my  way home to pick a bag of yellow wild flowers along a trail I walk everyday.  I proceeded to go home watch TV and string a lei using dental floss and wild flowers. It looked better than the expensive supermarket leis and I had enough flowers left over o make a small lei for my best friend,Obama.
Cousin Sue and Obama Da Dog
with matching hand made leis

 It's the principle of paying $18.00 for a lei that should cost much less, not that our friends and relatives aren't worth it. It's just a matter of principle. Cousin Sue was  more happy with a hand made lei anyway...

Do it yourself and getting leid is not only inexpensive but gives you and the person receiving the lei a sense of accomplishment, artistic license and pride.
This meme was used on Facebook
to promote this blog!

Sue was happy and proceeded on her journey with the 'Pride of America' cruise ship wearing a lei of pride.

You've heard of kissing cousins?
Figure out the joke!  ;-)

This person is wearing
 a plumeria lei

I  went to  Costco 3 days later and found the best deal for leis on the Island. Two plumeria leis for $9.49.
The moral of this story, always check Costco first--unless you make it yourself!

I fact checked this folks, it's true! I am now more  proud than ever to be an American.   My Atheists friends in particular should love this story...  (Oklahoma 'Pastafarian' wears spaghetti strainer on head for driver's license picture...) 
God bless Paris!
Hana Hou, (Encore) Shared From Facebook...


Rick Comstock said...

It was a pleasure to meet 'cousin Sue' ..... She had smiles from ear to ear. And that yellow lei, made from your heart was like a new day sunrise on her face. May a return trip be soon...Sending Kauai Rainbows to Sue.

KimoRosen said...

Mahalo Nui Loa to Bruddah Rick Comstock for taking the photos of Sue and myself! wink emoticon

Judith Whitehead said...

via email;
So nice you got to hook up with cousin Susie

KimoRosen said...

Sam Uel Clemens, notice I taught Rick well! (upper left in photo, finga!) ;-)

KimoRosen said...

Rick, it's a great photo, otherwise I would not had used it. The joke is, last years on the way to your Festivus celebration, Jaana Makipaa had me take photos of her and Obama on her i-phone. (before I even knew what an iPhone was) I messed every photo with my finger in the photo, but much worse than yours, the photos were not even legible...

Rick Comstock said...

Well this year you can do a retake of our holiday festivities. Your really good at photos with the help of Siri now. We will come together as friends and the share a family gathering when all our families are spread globally....

Rick Comstock said...

Well found the turkey....large for turkey day..... The prime rib still is a few weeks off.....and of coarse all dogs are welcome.....

Glenn Mickens said...

Via email;
So I guess the heart of your story is be careful where you get leid!!! Very good, Kimo.

KimoRosen said...

Exactly Glenn! ;-)

Sam U Clemens said...

I look forward to celebrating Festivus with you all again! (Will we be airing our grievances as well?

Anonymous said...

I hope not? Festivus is a celebration and best to keep things positive? wink emoticon

Harmony Bentosino said...

I believe leis are cheaper at the Honolulu airport.

KimoRosen said...

Harmony, one of the advantages of living in a big city!

Bettejo Dux said...

They should plant a whole bunch of plumeria bushes or whatever they are. the scent alone...and the county could make and sell leis. ;-)