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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

"New governing system worth a try at bat..." 'Glenn Mickens' (Kaua'i County Watchdog)

Glenn Mickens has lived on Kauai  with his wife Ruth for the last 26 years. Born July 26, 1930 in Wilmar, California, USA) was a pitcher in Major League Baseball. He pitched in four games (two of which were starts) for the 1953 Brooklyn Dodgers. He also played for five years in Japan, from 1959 until 1963 for the Kintetsu Buffaloes. There, he compiled a record of 45–53 with a 2.54 ERA.  Glenn also  served in the Army for 2 years and coached baseball at UCLA for 25 years. 
Last but not least Glenn would really like to see Kaua'i give the county manager style of Government a chance.

Mr. Mickens is locally known
as one of Kauai county's
political watchdogs
and Nitpickers...
Mahalos Glenn!

New Governing system worth a try at bat
Think about the issues that have faced us over the years that are still prevalent like, traffic, solid waste, curbside recycling, roads resurfacing, a new landfill, unabridged development without first getting infrastructure in place, the homeless, affordable homes and rentals, and many many more. 

All these problems go unsolved who do we hold responsible? The Mayor and his minions or the Council? It is easy for each of these departments to point the finger at each other but no one ever accepts responsibility. 

Thanks to Council chair Mel Rapozo, his committee and hopefully a total of 5 members of the council we are on the verge of getting a County Manager. On May 4th and May 11th this issue is on the agenda-- therefore please, those of you who read this, e mail, write, and call our council members and tell them how much you want this form of government on Kauai.
Kaua'i Council chairman
Mel Rapozo
is a fine example
of what a public
servant  should be!

It's easy to send testimony by email, send your testimony to;
or directly to Council Chair Rapozo at;

The Manager would be hired on his/her educational skills and real life experiences eliminating political hires and appointees that are at the root of so many of our problems. Yes, we have a lot of hard working, dedicated people in our local government but when you try and mix them in with their bosses who were not hired by their qualifications for the job then the failed system we now have becomes apparent . 

The Council along with the Mayor who sits as one of the 7 members of the council (possibly the chair) gives the task (roads,, traffic etc) to the manager and it is his/her job to solve the problem in the most efficient , costs effective way---using their experiences to rely on instead of our "ready, fire, aim" methodology. Now we have a real person to hold responsible for doing the job and that person can be fired if the job is not done unlike the system now in place. 

Whether it is the budget or the above listed problems the manager will be held responsible. The Council along with the Mayor will still be running our government but by adding the experience of a manager, responsibility and transparency will be added, the factors that ail our government now.

This system of government has proven to be successful all over the world so let's at least give it a try.

Editor's note, Dakinetalk guest bloggers do not necessarily represent the opinions of dakinetalk. Guest bloggers are given space to express their beliefs and or opinions. We feel there are many roads and like to give people space to express their thoughts,after-all that's what dakine is...
Aloha, James "Kimo" Rosen---Blogger-n-chief, dakinetalk blog---
Check out Glenn's Wikipedia page;

With all the stress of the world, don't forget to
watch the sunrise or sunset, it's free! 
Photo, James "Kimo" Rosen

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KimoRosen said...

Glenn, definitely worth a try. Way too much waste on Kauai. Of late the council voting for pay raises for public employees that are already overpaid by comparison to their counterparts in the private sector. Unbelievable... ;-(

Bettejo Dux said...

Please explain, Glenn, how do we go about firing this guy? We vote to fire him/her? What is the difference. Isn't this just another mouth to feed? And isn't his/her concern to be more economic than socially necessary? I agree we've a mess. If I managed my household budget the way they manage the county I'd have gone broke years ago.
at the moment I'm working on healing--damn--an infected foot. Spent night in Er. On antibiotics. Wonderful care at Wilcox. I'll receive a bill. pay it immediately and get a 40% discount. We'll see.