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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

"Trump and the race for President, a nasty one fueled by the media..."'Carrie Kneubuhl-Eckert' (Guest-blogger)

Welcome dakinetalk's newest guest-blogger
Carrie Kneubuhl-Eckert  whom currently 

resides in  La Quinta, California.
Formerly  a resident of Kapa'a Kaua'i for 5 years.
Carrie is an artist and animal rights activist.
 Carrie prides herself with being friends to people that are friendly to others.
 She is Republican and proud of it.
Her family has served for the United States in many capacities over the years.
Many of her friends work for the U.S.government as well.

Trump and the race for President, a nasty one fueled by the media

The race for president of the United States is not a volleyball game against the republican and democrats. Everyone should want to work together so everyone wins. Everyone wants a nominee that they think is best for the country.

These people who criticize others who don’t like the same candidate as them, are no better than the man they dislike, Trump. The only
difference is, it came out of their mouth and not Trumps. You people that say because you support Trump you are
a racist, a misogynist, and a person that does not tolerate religions. (See my letter to the editor April 6th and 7th). 
Trump supporters not the ones in the wrong
That is BS. You cannot make assumptions like that. That is a weak analogy. I have friends that are not exactly like me and
do not believe in everything I do. I don’t eat pork, veal or lamb. Does that mean I only hang out with people of the same?

You say well, " I am not running for president. He should have higher standards". But why can't we support a person that speaks like we do? We are voting for whom we want to. Some of you say, Trump is not a politician. (Thank God!). 

Our founding fathers were not career politicians. Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin were true entrepreneurs before the word was in use. The men, who wrote the Declaration of Independence and were Presidents, ran their own businesses. They were lawyers, writers, inventors, soldiers, schoolteachers, tailors and doctors. John Hancock was a " gentleman of good birth" who inherited
significant fortunes and became an entrepreneur.

Those of you readers who say unkind words to Trump supporters like Kimo in his blog or letter's to the editor. Your words of intimidation are a sad reflection of yourself. He chooses to exercise his right to support the candidate he wishes. That is HIS and everyones right, and that is called democracy.

I want to share a letter from a friend of mine who has more national security information than any of you professional letter writers and has worked in the government all their lives. I respect these people and their intelligence. This comes from their friend that has known Donald Trump since his military days.
The letter reads as follows;

"As a business, we do not like to get involved in politics. As soon as we endorse one side, we risk alienating everyone on the other side. Also, our employees and staff are, themselves, on both sides.
 Politics is not our game. However, Justice is!

If you saw a guy get publicly smeared, and you knew him well from the days you were friends and seniors together in high school, if you knew him to be a decent and honest man, would you want to say something? This is why I need to share what I know.

I was aghast at watching last night's debate. It was a set-up. The moderators, Cruz, and Rubio were all like little alligators trying to take a bite out of Trump. Yes, Donald Trump has had some failures, but he has been exceedingly successful. None of this came out. Instead, there was a general attack. Rubio simply makes up lies. He 
pretends that Trump has small hands and makes fun of him for something, which isn't even real. He pretends that Donald wets his pants, and makes fun of him, as though it was true, and then he calls Donald Trump a "Bully."

I am not suggesting that you should vote or not vote for anyone. I just need to defend a former friend who is being smeared.
Like Donald Trump, I attended New York Military Academy ("NYMA") for high school. In fact, in our senior year, together, Donald was my captain, and I was his 1st Platoon Sergeant. I sometimes joke that I ran his first company for him, Company
"A."People don't really change much from the ages of 17 and 18, and I know this guy. I know him to be a good decent guy. We lived and breathed an Honor Code in those years. It wasn't just a rule. It was our way of life. Neither Donald, nor any other cadet who graduated with us would ever lie, cheat, or steal from a fellow cadet.

These values became irreversibly intertwined in the fabric of our personalities, of who we are.

Of the 99 guys (no girls in those days) in our class, there is not one who I know who has a bad word to say about Donald Trump. Think of it. With all the jealousies, which arise in high school and thereafter, with all the potential envy, not one of us has
anything other than positive memories of this man. How could we?

 He was an "A" student, a top athlete, and as a leader, he was highly respected. We never feared
him, yet we never wanted to disappoint him. He had our respect. He was never abigot in any way, shape or form. He only hates those who hate. Of course hedenounces the KKK.

As to the discussion with the New York Times, it is his choice to release the 'off the record' remarks. However, if he does, it opens the door for all political opposition to make that demand for everyone, and that means that our press will never get those
'off the record' remarks which help them to understand the realities of the campaign.

Moreover, the idea that Donald Trump confessed some alternate theory of his position is preposterous. Can anyone believe that all those NY Times reporters are walking around knowing some deep dark nasty secret about a guy who is seeking an endorsement?

The Republican establishment is afraid of Donald Trump. Why? They are afraid that he will lose to Hillary. They don't hate Donald. They hate her. They are so fearful that they fail to see that by expanding the base of voters for Trump, he is more likely
to win.

Watching the chorus of whiners, decriers, denigrators, and self-righteous put-down experts from so many directions, from Mitt Romney, to Megyn Kelly, Little Mario, it has to make you wonder. Why? Why are so many people so angry with Donald Trump, that they are lying, name calling, ridiculing, and demeaning him as they do?

Either they are afraid, or they know him to be evil.
This is why I feel the need to speak out at this time. I know this man. He is a lot of things, but he is not evil. He is a decent honest guy who loves this country, and who is willing to sacrifice so much of what is left of his life, because he knows that this country needs to be fixed, and that it is going to require someone who can do the
job. He just doesn't see anything around him other than political hacks, so he is willing to take this huge responsibility.

I'm not saying that he is the only one who can do the job. My point is simply as tohis motivation and his goodness.
This next decade is going to be one of major changes. We all see the climate changing, and the world food supply is getting lower. Our fish stock around the world is running low. Oil prices will cause countries to fail. The Middle East is beyond repair,
and we have become weak and ineffective around the world. Donald Trump sees the issues and knows that he can assemble leaders who would have the best chance of  fixing things. This is why he is running. He does not need it for his own aggrandizement. He doesn't need another big jet or to take up residence in the
White House. He just wants things to be fixed, and he knows that the politicians won't fix anything.

I knew Donald Trump and was close to him in our senior year in high school. I just want you to know that there is nothing to fear from him. His character is as good as
it gets. He is a patriot, taking on a heroic task, and being thanked by massive abuse. If you want to see a true reflection of a man, look at his children. Need I say more?"
Just trying to be funny here!
Is that Hillary?  ;-)

So to all you nasty letter writers. Unless you have accomplished and done as much for this country. Maybe you should keep you “Maha shut. Get out and do something
productive instead of writing hate letters to your fellow Kaua'ians. Leave the nasty
politics to the politicians.
Carrie Eckert is an artist
and currently resides in
La Quinta, California.

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Hana Hou, (Encore) Shared From Facebook

My all time favorite election meme.
 The camera angle just happened to be in the right angle,
coincidence or what? I can just hear Rod Serling saying,
"Imagine yourself, watching Hillary Clinton and all you see is the word
 'Liar,' your next stop, The Twilight Zone!" 


KimoRosen said...

I've said it before, I will say it again. I believe there are many closest Trump supporters. Trump says what many are thinking. He is not afraid to not be politically incorrect and this urks the hell out of the liberal media. The only candidate not owned by any lobbying group, that's why Washington is afraid of him. wink emoticon

Yvonne Kealoha said...

I think the GOP is afraid of him because he will ruin the party...like he is doing now...he does NOT have the intelligence or experience to run this country...He would make it worst than It already is.....I think if he was not so nasty and stopped all the hate he is encouraging he would win the GOP...and more people would vote for him but his campaign is built on hate and lies.....NOT good..

Deborah Anne said...

He's mad that's for sure; rightly so for all the crap here in Colorado regarding delegates. Even I didn't know the rules

KimoRosen said...

Trump is a very smart man, all anyone talks about politically is Donald Trump. Tune into any news station, left or right, the talk is Trump. He may not say things in the most elegant way, but when you actually think of what he says, and forgot about about being politically correct , I think you may just agree with him!? wink emoticon

Nikki Kauai said...

I saw Trump and his adult children interviewed by Anderson Cooper on CNN yesterday and was impressed. He is a good father, no doubt and they agreed he does not speak to them the way he does to the media. They wouldn't have turned out the way they have if he did, lol. Today on CNN Anderson Cooper will air his interview with 'Lyin' Ted' and his family. That should be interesting too!

Carrie Kneubuhl-Eckert said...

They are afraid of him because he does follow the heard. He stands out. Not intelligent? My god, he is extremely intelligent. You don't get to where he has being stupid. I guess you believe the lies the other candidates are saying? Because Hilary is a long time liar and nasty person. Did you see her comments to the committee during the Benghazi hearing? She was about it all telling them to get over it! That is not her only ranting to people. The media just doesn't show it over and over again like they do trump. Hate is a big word to describe someone who believes we should secure our borders. Hilary has the experience of a lying politician, that is what we do not want.

Yvonne Kealoha said...

Sorry Carrie you just believe all the nastiness the GOP has being saying about Clinton for so many many years....they dont think a WOMAN should be president....I totally disagree with all of your points...Oh did you know that the GOP House cut security funds for the embassy two years in a row before Benghazi??? and now want to blame Clinton for everything??? LOL

Carrie Kneubuhl-Eckert said...

Actually I go fact finding on the net for information. That does not negate her words during the hearings or her security measures. If She has so much experience she would not be using her private email server for government work. My friend is in the FBI she would never use her private email account to send messages that is information for the FBI

KimoRosen said...

Yvonne Kealoha, I am an Independent and voted for Obama twice, but like many just sick of career politicians like the Clintons. Lying Narcissists that have no real life experience in nothing. Check out this video with an objective heart of Hillary telling lie after lie. Be objective!


Yvonne Kealoha said...

She is not the first Politician or Sec of State to use e mails the way she did...And this video does NOT show her" lying" for 13 minutes straight they are excerpts of different occasions....and a person has a right to change their mind over the years...(show me a polition who hasent) so there fore you have not changed my mind on anything and of course you are a Independant so fo course you would side for trump or Bernie.....that is your right...I have my rights also and will not change my mind as far as I am concerned Hillary is the MOST QUALIFIED of all the candidates...Have a great day pal...

Alice Monaghan said...

Defending a traitor who lied about Benghazi as she watched four men die makes you a traitor also. You should leave this country as your comment proves you are not an American. CLINTON AND HER RAPIST HUSBAND SHOULD BE IN PRISON. They are liars, thieves traitors and they hate every American...including you.

Yvonne Kealoha said...

Sorry Alice You are more of a traitor than I Not American eh??? LOL see the kind of people Trump has for followers??? Look in the mirror...Yikes!!

KimoRosen said...

There all liars. Let's not get high blood pressure over politicians, there not worth it. Enjoy the show,may the best candidate win.

Alice Monaghan said...

I'll put my IQ up against yours any day of the week. I support a real American patriot, not a lying, drunken, murdering, thief like Clinton. They say you are judged by those you associate with...I can see why you support Clinton. Run along now dear, your lies have been exposed.

Alice Monaghan said...

OH yeah...killary supports aborting a full term baby by injecting poison into its brain or tearing the baby's head and limbs off. She loves selling those baby organs too. I guess you love murdering full term babies too?????

Yvonne Kealoha said...

Alice you are the clown calling people names I never insulted you but you think you are so damn great because your skin is White!!!LOL...And you are the one spreading bullshit about baby organs and all that guess you did not educate your self on that subject because it was proven all being made up........

Carrie Kneubuhl-Eckert said...

I am not doing the research to show all the corruption I have read about Hillary in the past. I have read it and formed my opinion on her. Because you say the private email servers have been used in the past by politicians does not make it o.k. To continue that practice, is like saying people have lied before so why can't I. There is a personal ethics that a smart person, a so called qualified politician should use common sense and know.

Carrie Kneubuhl-Eckert said...

Ladies, be kind to one another. Both sides have their optinion. This is not a colored issue, it is not who lives where issue. It is a belief for a candidate that we believe will fix the wrong doing that has been going on in america. Obama has been a disaster. He has divided this country instead of unite us. He will not knowledge the threat we face with Islamic extremist. He has not curbed the flow of jobs leaving America. He has not secured our borders. If you call liking a candidate that will speak out for truth a racist. So be it. I call it not having the American people come first no matter what color you are. I watched a picture tonight on the news with Hillary Clinton on stage with Al Sharpton. I know he has the black voice. ( sad to say) I don't know why you would associate yourself with a man that owes so many million in taxes. Wouldn't you want an upstanding citizen to indorse you and be seen with you? Most of us would be keeping a low profile if we owed the government money. Why is she on stage with him? What is wrong with this picture?

KimoRosen said...

Not trying to change minds. I don't like most career politicians , I find 99.9 percent liars and only tell each crowd of people what they want to hear. Clintons are the epitome of career politician. If elected there will be nothing but scandal after scandal and reliving bill's old scandals. For Americas sake we need to move forward. I would take Sanders over Clinton(s) The Clintons are clearly has beens.

Yvonne Kealoha said...

So Kimo You think Trump can save America....Who Made America the way we are now??? Are you a Vet??? When ever did the GOP back the Vets when they came back from war....Those ass holes in the house make more money than the vets who went to war and put their lives on the line for our country they come home from war with no jobs no monies no homes ruined families all the while the congress keep cutting and cutting from them millions of them now on EBT and congress cuts ebt....cuts back on their medical and most of those GOP a holes in congress never even been to war....Now if Trump was soooo great why is he then not running as a independent???? he just keeps saying if he doesnt get to be the GOP nominee he will look to another party...........Well I say why wait fool......do it now.......Even Bernie He runs as a DEM and spits out shit about the democrats every time he opens his mouth......Everybody is lying except for the person that is holding the podium at the time........Politics........That is all it is....one person trying to make the other look dishonest...but.they need to look in their own backyards first.....which is very vvery dirty also....

KimoRosen said...

Good debate, except for the name calling. Election is many months off. I'm off to go chill at Farmers market. Not going to let these self serving Narcissistic politicians get the best of me. I do like Trump, however I do not hate the others and will not leave America whoever is electrocuted I am fine with, Trump is my preference. Aloha...

Steven M. Eayrs said...

ok...electrocute Trump! (-:

KimoRosen said...

Haha,meant elected! smile emoticon

Chester "Unc" Lau said...

Can Kim Jung Un of North Korea join this battle of words ? he is willing to receive American refuges ,only you need to eat Kimchee Fried rice all year round ...Snoopy will bid U au revoir

Carrie Kneubuhl-Eckert said...

Very interesting quote from Dennis Miller tonight. " people who hate hate now appear to be more hateful than people who merely hate. It is a hate fest out there. It is the burning man hate".

So be careful of what you say because you maybe accusing Trump of the same thing you are doing.

KimoRosen said...

Mahalo Unc for keeping everything in perspective! wink emoticon

Alice Monaghan said...

I don't tolerate people who go on blogs to spew lies and propaganda. I block immoral and sociopathic people that have no reasonable amount of intelligence. Therefore, with that said, I am blocking Yvonne.

Yvonne Kealoha said...

Tell yhou what girl...you told me to get out of America because I am a traitor.......LOL Get off my island....no one invited you here....people like you not wanted here...you think you are better than us Hawaiians............YOU WISH...

Yvonne Kealoha said...

You can block me all you want...no one asked you for your input.....

Alice Monaghan said...

Keep up the great work you do James...I have the utmost respect for you.

Alice Monaghan said...


"You can't make everyone happy, you are not pizza~"

Yvonne Kealoha said...

Funny how the loser of the debate goes off crying and calling the winna names..............LOL

Steven M. Eayrs said...

Political correctness does not legislate tolerance; it only organizes hatred. - Jacques Barzun

KimoRosen said...

Steve, always enjoy your outlook on politics with your Alaskan Christian perspective. If you have time would really enjoy you guest-blogging. You have an open invitation even if it's something we don't agree on! Better if we do, but who cares...

KimoRosen said...

My all time favorite election meme, the camera angle just happened to be in the right angle, coincidence or what? I can just hear Rod Serling saying, "Imagine yourself, watching Hillary Clinton and all you see is the word 'Liar,' your next stop, The Twilight Zone!" wink emoticon

Carrie Kneubuhl-Eckert said...

Hawaii, Kauai is not your island, it is part of America. Americans can choose were they live. You don't need a visa to live on Kauai. Just because you have a Hawaiian last name doesn't mean someone with a English sounding last name is any less Hawaiian than you. That is exactly the type of racism I experienced while living in Kauai. I grew up in Samoa, raised in Samoan culture, but do not look anything like a Samoan even thought my grandmother that 1/2 Samoan. The Samoan people never treated me with the distain that the locals in Kauai did. Let's keep this nice and sensible.