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Saturday, May 7, 2016

"Be more considerate, stop spreading germs..." 'Judith Whitehead' (Inspiration Sunday)

Judith Whitehead lives in
East Amherst New York
and has work in the
ophthalmology field of medicine for 40 years.
Be more considerate, stop spreading germs

Working in the health field for the last 40 years, I have been exposed to much sickness. This year, there is a lot of respiratory illness going around, including flu, colds and pneumonia. I do not work for a primary care physician whom people go to when they are sick; I work with eye doctors who care for eye health only.

Why do people insist on coming in for an eye exam that can be done at any time when they are sick and carrying many contagions? Please, people, be considerate and stay home. When we get sick, we can’t perform our jobs and in turn can’t take care of others. If you are sick, pay a visit to your primary care doctor and get well before coming in for a routine visit for new glasses.

This year has been a banner year for our employees getting very sick. Wishing good health to all while you recover at home.

Editors note;
This blog also appeared in the 04-27-16 edition of the Buffalo News;

"Judy, Judy, Judy!"
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KimoRosen said...

Japan is very considerate. When I lived in Japan at first I though t I was living in a country full of surgeons. In japan when people are sick with the cold or flu or even just a runny nose when they go out in public, there wear surgical masks. Which protects others from their germs and also protects them from new germs. a practice America should follow! ;-)

Melinda Kontos said...

Absolutely correct. Me being immune compromised..when someone comes in sick anywhere I know within 24 hours I've got it and John's behind me by about 12 hours..then we're both screwed!! Not pretty! The last time we got drop-down deadly ill was when i was at the hospital getting an infusion and one of the techs coughed up a lung...not nice!

KimoRosen said...

I hate when that happens. I jump when strangers cough behind me in public! I'm a germaphobe. I don't shake hands. I do the fist pump thing like Howie Mandel!

Melinda Kontos said...

Smart man! When that tech coughed..I said to John..'we're screwed'...leave and wash your hands, but it was too late! I get a paper towel when I leave a public rest room....