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Monday, June 20, 2016

"Everything is about hate, from the election to local talk story..." James "Kimo" Rosen' (Kimo's world # 134)

James "Kimo" Rosen is a retired professional photographer
 and amongst other things lived in a tent outdoors for 7 years.
Rosen currently resides on the tropical island of Kaua'i
with his best friend and spiritual adviser Obama Da Dog!

Kimo's world #134-Blog #1802
Editors note;
This blog appeared as a guest column in the 06-15-16 edition of the Kauai Garden Island News;
"We can do better than hate"
Everything is about hate, from the election to local talk story

The election season for President starts 2 years before the general election.  Football season eventually draws to an end after the Superbowl with a 5 month,16 game, plus playoff demanding schedule. Baseball season eventually ends after the world series and a grueling 6 months of 132 games and playoffs---however the presidential election seems to never end.

Right now it's not about what the candidates can do for you, it's about the hatred that one party, their candidate and it's voters have towards the other party. The hatred has reached viral and pandemic proportions separating family and friends.  This is not making America great again, but rather making America hate and lose it's fate again.

Nobody I know is saying I love Hillary because she will do this and that, or I love "The Donald" because of this. People are saying Hillary is a crook and a liar, Trump is a racist,xenophobe, homophobe and narcissist. I reckon narcissist  really doesn't count, after-all what politician isn't narcissistic? Sadly both candidates used the horrific shootings in Orlando minutes after the tragedy to benefit their own run for president.

These two candidates are not only battling each other but have torn families and friendships apart. These two candidates have destroyed America before either has even taken office.

It's been tough being a Trump supporter in a predominately Democratic state with most my friends and family siding Democrat. I no longer believe as strong  in "The Donald," at one point I actually  liked Hillary. At this point I believe both of these candidates are a cancer that can not be healed with radiation, "Kimo-therapy" (sic) or 4 years in the white-house.

Everything about this election is about hate, from  local talk story to national politics. It's time to debate the issues and stop the back and forth child's play of name calling. All this is getting really ugly and hard to take no matter what side your on--- and there's still 5 more excruciating  months of this game they call election politics.

The good news is that The NFL football season starts in September, and it will be much  easier to change the channel. In the meantime the show must go on. However I am a realist and with all said; one candidate still out Trumps(sic) the other---some say the best of the two evils.

A must see video for both Conservatives and Liberals
 on Bill Maher's opinion of Radical Islam---and yes he said "Radical Islam" unlike most libs.
Ironically he sounds a lot like his nemesis Donald J. Trump!    


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Hana Hou, (Encore)  


Chester "Unc" Lau said...

Shalom Rabbi:

True ,the US is falling apart with uncontrolled gun violence ,racial disharmony ,George Washington & Thomas Jefferson are crying in their graves !!! what happened to the country they created ? while The crazy war mongers in DC created the senseless Iraq/Afghan wars that kills our exhausted military & drains our tax dollars .. still going on in the Obama administration !!! ,,,,!!! check out "Communist China"with years of Peace https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B9dK5do-hymhdlpqRjlwdlgzM3M/edit?pli=1

Communism is not a cure all,an ideal world would be zero population with RESPONSIBILITY ,"CAN'T FEED THEM ? DON'T BREED THEM "


Garden Island Facebook page said...

52You and 51 others
James Kimo Rosen

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Shannon Davis
Shannon Davis Actually the hatred is two sided. Coming from BOTH parties. Both parties spew anger, name calling, lies...it is what politicians do best.
I guess we just have to decide individually which of the evil is the least evil and go with that.
Unlike · Reply · 11 · June 15 at 2:36pm
Michael Gravis
Michael Gravis So true! What an election choice. A Jackass or a Criminal/Traitor...hmmm. Who should I choose
Like · Reply · 3 · June 15 at 2:41pm
David Pinheiro
David Pinheiro Well one of them could be indicted soon if that helps. Lol
Like · Reply · 4 · June 15 at 2:47pm · Edited
Shannon Davis
Shannon Davis Michael Gravis true
Like · Reply · June 15 at 2:51pm
Michael Gravis
Michael Gravis not likely, but one can hope
Like · Reply · June 15 at 2:52pm
John Owen
John Owen I remain amazed at how no one seems to think of the Libertarian Party and Gov. Gary Johnson. Choosing the lesser of two evils is NOT a moral decision.
Like · Reply · 5 · June 15 at 4:44pm
James Kimo Rosen
James Kimo Rosen Exactly, retread my column! :-)
Like · Reply · June 15 at 7:38pm
Lisa Pollak
Lisa Pollak Exactly John. If they can get to 10% they will make debate stage. If anyone can talk about them!

Garden Island Facebook page said...

Like · Reply · June 15 at 8:21pm
James Kimo Rosen

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Kathleen Dora
Kathleen Dora If Trump was a child in a public school he would be classified as a bully, he would get suspended and have to talk to a counselor. He is an awful role model for our adults and our children. I will celebrate when he loses.
Like · Reply · 6 · June 15 at 2:59pm
Michael Gravis
Michael Gravis go ahead. Support the liar who takes donations from countries who kill gays and women who report rape
Like · Reply · 4 · June 15 at 3:11pm
Shannon Davis
Shannon Davis And Hillary would be in jail if the world worked the way it should.
Like · Reply · 9 · June 15 at 3:14pm
Kristie Madden
Kristie Madden Kathleen, I agree with all you said. ��
Like · Reply · 1 · June 15 at 7:28pm
Kathleen Dora
Kathleen Dora Kristie Madden thanks, it is good to know there is a decent logical person out there. I quote Jack Johnson and often wonder "where did all the good people go"
Like · Reply · 2 · June 15 at 7:31pm
Heather Ann
Heather Ann Kathleen Dora trump!
Like · Reply · June 15 at 8:29pm
Josh Steele
Josh Steele If you look beyond the surface, you might see more than what the media wants you to see in all aspects. You have a successful business man on one side who. has a deep seeded love for his nation, and like many, is fed up with what has taken place. On th...See More
Like · Reply · 1 · June 16 at 5:21am
James Kimo Rosen

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David Pinheiro
David Pinheiro New flash for you so called newspaper. It's Bernie Sanders supporters and far left wackos doing all the repulsive things at Trump rallys. Get you head out of the sand
Unlike · Reply · 15 · June 15 at 1:40pm
5 Replies
MC Susie
MC Susie I like your site better when you just report the news. Both sides can be ignorant and hateful. Neither is making America great...both candidates suck so don't be part of the problem. Report news not opinion.
Like · Reply · 5 · June 16 at 2:39am
Jason Rapozo
Jason Rapozo Trump/Hillary.....at the end of the day....you getting screwed. Trump may be so called crazy..and Hillary can't tell the truth if it slapped her in the face. The PEOPLE created this mess. Plain and simple.
Like · Reply · 1 · June 15 at 7:59pm
Lee Gately
Lee Gately I don't this article is worthy of your paper. Facebook has enough of this talk.
Like · Reply · 6 · June 15 at 11:55am
Michael Gravis
Michael Gravis think I've made my last trip to Kauai. Let's see how you survive on EBT purchases
Like · Reply · June 15 at 2:14pm
7 Replies
Stan Baczynski
Stan Baczynski When is the local election? Hopefully NOT while we're vacationing!
Like · Reply · June 15 at 4:30pm · Edited
Bob Keller
Bob Keller Most likely an attitude problem on your part.
Like · Reply · 2 · June 15 at 4:06pm
Kristie Madden
Kristie Madden It amazes me that a place like Kauai, with so much diversity could support a charlatan, uber capitalist white man with ZERO family values that behaves the POLAR OPPOSITE of what Aloha is supposed to be about, who only sees worth in dollar signs, develo...See More
Like · Reply · 3 · June 15 at 7:25pm · Edited
3 Replies
Shikinah Voight
Shikinah Voight Haha!! Can't believe this is a newspaper article
Like · Reply · June 15 at 9:53pm
Bob Keller
Bob Keller Mericas goin down.
Like · Reply · June 15 at 4:07pm
Karen Schropp Ouye-Selbe
Karen Schropp Ouye-Selbe Very biased, not true at all article. Shocked because old Hillary spews hate daily! Geez try again
Like · Reply · 4 · June 15 at 4:09pm

Garden Island Facebook page said...

Michael Gravis
Michael Gravis tell it to the party of Deceit and Corruption. The DNC
Like · Reply · 4 · June 15 at 12:59pm
Sherry Rapozo
Sherry Rapozo Wow. Not reporting news now. Only your opinion. Shame
Like · Reply · 3 · June 15 at 7:27pm
Dave Quirt
Dave Quirt I'm just glad that I don't have a vote in this election. A "benefit" of not being American.
Like · Reply · 1 · June 15 at 3:07pm
2 Replies
Bruce Nickle
Bruce Nickle Your editorial is not appreciated. Stick to the news.
Like · Reply · June 16 at 3:13pm
Jaymae Pennington
Jaymae Pennington Let's pray for our beautiful planet to be protected and see what happens :)
Like · Reply · June 15 at 3:22pm
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Anonymous said...

Hey Kimo, Check it out Bruddah, 140 recommends in the Garden island news on this article!

Most columnists are lucky to get 10 recommends. You do better than any columnist they have. They need you full time WTF?

check it out;