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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Cars in the future...

Everyone seems excited about electric cars, electric cars have been around for years at country clubs and on golf courses.

It would be wonderful for an electric car capable of reaching speeds of their gas guzzling counterparts.

Electric cars are not the answer to crowded roads on an overpopulated planet. It's time to be creative and really move into the 21st century.

We need an easy to drive vehicle that is capable of flying, I would be for another Big 4 auto bailout if a flying solar powered electric mobile was in the immediate stimulus.

Imagine a flying solar powered rechargeable electric automobile, just like the one in the old Jetsons cartoon of the 60's!? We have the technology, electric cars would be wonderful, but they would not stop bumper to bumper traffic. It's time for the Jetson flying solar powered flying-automobile to become reality.

No more bumper to bumper traffic, we would only have to enforce a few no fly zones.
Imagine the new array of Tiger Woods and Bill Clinton jokes when no fly zones are mentioned.

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