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Saturday, January 9, 2010

a fun way to meet people...

Hitchhiking is a great alternative for getting around our cosmic hamlet by the sea.

In Kauai hitchhiking is safe and acceptable, many started out on kauai without cars and hitchhiked themselves. There are good & bad area's to hitch, you always want to be where the traffic is slowest in the area and where there is a safe spot to pullover.

Most people would not consider hitchhiking or picking up a hitchhiker in most major US cities, one of the many beauties of Kauai is that hitching is safe, reliable, fun and environmentally user friendly. I hitchhike regularly from Kilauea to Kapa'a and have never waited more than 15 minutes for a ride, I am not a beautiful woman and people still stop. I have been picked up by visitors wanting to know things to do that aren't in the tour guides, I have been picked up by young and old, male and female, from island beaters to brand new four wheel drive pickups.

Why not give tax incentives for people to hitch-hike and people to pickup hitchhikers. Imagine if every time you hitched it was worth $10.00 and every time you picked up a hitchhiker it was worth a 10.00 credit towards a write-off on ones taxes? There could be designated hitching stops for safe pickups and drop-offs.

Hitchhiking would allow people to meet their neighbors save gas and keep the environment cleaner. Hitchhiking is not only environmentally friendly but a fun way to socialize and meet people.

To expedite getting a ride do not wear sunglasses or have direct eye contact with on-coming cars and look relaxed. I have met many good friends by hitching.If you have never hitchhiked, try it you'll like it.

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