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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Promise not to tell anyone?..

If you ever want to get the word out about anything, tell 5 people 'promise not to tell anyone.' if one wants to keep something secret you cannot tell a soul, there is something in us humans that makes us want to tell things to others.

Personally, I had a few medical issues that I wanted to keep confidential, I told two friends that I would appreciate this between us. to make a long story short, before long everyone I knew what my personal problems were. The irony about all this is beyond the betrayal of trust is the issue retelling the situation wrong. Just like the experiments with telling a joke, by the time 10 people have told the same joke, down the line it becomes something totally different than the initial joke.
That's why if you have a personal issue it's best to tell nobody, unless you want it repeated numerous times with a different twist.
Hey guess what? If you promise not to tell anyone I will tell you where the best fishing spot on Kauai is!

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