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Sunday, February 21, 2010

If you thought you were sick before ...

If you thought you were sick before ...

Waiting rooms in doctors' offices are the most depressing places to be. There are magazines that are grossly outdated, furniture that looks like it belongs in the dumpster, other patients that might be sicker than you, and crying babies. It is a highly contagious area; if you were only a little sick upon entering, you will be really sick by the time you leave.

It's a relief when the nurse comes out and calls your name after a 45-minute wait, now you can proceed to the doctor's room and be prepared to wait another 20 minutes.

The doctor finally comes in and asks, "What's wrong?"

Now the problem I originally had is nothing compared to what I was exposed to in the waiting room. I say, "Doc, the crying babies have me stressed and now my blood pressure has rocketed, I think I got the flu from the guy next to me who was wheezing and coughing and now I am totally depressed."

The doc tells me a flu shot will do me no good since I now have the flu.

Then I remember why I came in the first place. I needed a flu shot. The doc says, "Don't worry, we can treat that high blood pressure and depression with a prescription."

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