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Friday, February 19, 2010

Do it the old fashioned way, the best way...

Maybe it's me but I find shopping malls and most department stores to have almost nothing of what I deem usable. Besides food and a few clothing items what does one really need?

We can all survive without a pizza slicer, lemon presses and digital blenders. There's so much stuff out there that nobody really needs, yet we all continue to shop for stuff. It is easy to continue our lifestyles without loosing any comforts, yet we continue to buy the new tv, the new upgraded computers and cell phones that can do everything from taking videos, surfing the net and actually talking to another person. We have navigational devices called " Global Positioning systems" (GPS), people feel lost without them, what ever happened to human contact and asking the gas station attendant or a stranger on the street how to get somewhere?

Getting back down to basics makes one feel alive, try hand washing a few clothes, or actually making popcorn in a pot with a little oil, or buying a hand pushed lawnmower and actually getting exercise instead of sitting down while cutting your grass. Try baking bread from scratch, kneading the dough, letting it rise and baking it in an oven instead of buying it at the grocery store, or even making love the old fashioned way without the use of Viagra, actually try enjoying the person your with. There are new gadgets for baking, trimming your noise hairs , mowing your lawn and washing your clothes, but there is no greater satisfaction than knowing how to do things without only the push of a button.

Back to basics gives one satisfaction, modern push button gadgets make us lazy and fat which only leads to health problems. Grow a garden and harvest your own vegetables, Next time you play nine holes of golf try walking instead of using that electric cart, next time you go to the grocery store take a walk a few times a week and buy a few items at a time, you'll save gas money and get some much needed exercise . Without all the advertisement on TV, newspaper, magazines, radio and the Internet we would find we really don't need much to make us happy.

I guess, I really don't need to blog, but hell I need to vent somewhere..

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