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Thursday, February 11, 2010

the sun, the rain and many seeds...

It happened without knowledge, without wanting to do it, it happened instinctively,Wal-Mart, K-mart, Home depot and farmers markets have trapped me.

Every time I go into one of these types of stores with garden departments, or anywhere that sells plants or seeds I cannot escape without a purchase, even if that purchase is just a pack of radish seeds or a plant marked 50% off.

They call it gardening, like the runners high, or swimmers high, gardening produces a serotonin like chemical in ones brain that is better than any anti-depressant on the market. You will know when you are welcomed and wanted on this rock called the "Garden Island." A simple aura overtakes you and all you wish to do is plant something everyday.

I plant at my own place, I plant in many public places hoping in a few years to see my (plants) children mature. Kauai has become known as the "Garden Island." I always thought it was a cute marketing jingle, but never took it serious until the "garden island fever" overtook me.

Pets are great therapy for companionship and finally I have discovered the other perfect companions, plants and Gardens.
Thank you Garden Island (Kauai) for showing me the sun the rain and many seeds.

1 comment:

Sneezer222 said...

Yesterday I was able to finally find some lovely pansies and I grabbed them up, only to find out I couldn't get a bag of potting soil! My ground is still too frozen to just dig some up.

Luckily my husband was victorious and found a bag of soil at the walmart. Now he has to run back and get me some more flowers. :)