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Saturday, February 6, 2010

World championship?

Superbowl sunday, a day that is more popular than Christmas in America, a day when spousal abuse runs high, a day when beer and pizza are the diet, a day when a television commercial costs. 2.5 million for a 30 second spot.

Americans are arrogant, especially the sports enthusiasts, announcers, coaches and athletes, they say the superbowl is for the world championship?

I was not aware of any teams from Russia, China or Africa having teams in the National football league?

The superbowl has become so commercial in the United states, that people who do not follow football or even understand the game will watch it or go to a superbowl party and ruin it for the true fans by asking dumb questions such as, "how many homeruns do they need to win?"

Our national government has decided to waste more of out taxpayer dollars in purchasing a 30 second time slot to run an ad about filling out your 2010 census form.

We are going though major recession and our national inteeligence decides to compete with stimulants like Coca cola and Viagra.

Being a football fan, I will try and make believe I am really watching a world championship and try to chill out on this special American holiday that has become more popular than Jesus himself.

(note, you can edit it to read "that has become more popular than christmas." however i like Jesus better