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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Do not pet my dog...

I bicycle everywhere with my miniature grehound mixed breed dog along side.

When I stop people feel inclined to pet and kiss my dog without permission. It seems everyone feels they can just pet or kiss my dog. My dog is a service dog and needs to know who it's master is. I am not a portable petting zoo.

Petting my dog without permission is like me groping another fellow man or woman without permission, or  touching someones baby without permission. What makes people think they can kiss and pet my dog without asking?

 If they ask to pet my dog I say no, because she is a "service dog and I am a germphoboc, I don't want someone who may have a cold, flu virus or smelly hands petting my dog, than I go home and pet her....

Service dogs are mostly associated with giving aid to blind people, but a service dog can also offer Psychiatric service. These dogs are classified PSD's."(Psychiatric Service Dogs) When you come across a service dog, please do not pet, call, talk, kiss or otherwise distract it as doing so could put the handlers life in danger.    http://neurotalk.psychcentral.com/showthread.php?t=7204

 Remember these are working animals, not pets and they are out with their handlers to help them, not to be a spectacle for the public, also it is rude to ask the disabled person what their disability is, as that is personal and confidential information.

The question I am most frequently asked is; Is it cruel to make dogs work for us? Absolutely not! Dogs have a natural inclination to work, therefore they prosper when they have a job. They would rather be doing something than just laying around an empty house all day. Service dogs thrive on helping their masters.

Remember to ask permission before petting any ones pet, and be respectful if someones four legged companion is a service animal...



Sneezer222 said...

You can get little vests that say "I'm working, please don't pet me" for her to wear. I'd never pet a dog without asking permission, but if a dog is wearing a vest, at least I know to not even ASK.

And some service dogs actually ARE for petting, they are for people who have trouble interacting with others, so the dog is a helpful cushion to make interaction less painful. {and I've seen these with little vests that say "Please pet me"}

KimoRosen said...

Mcgregor I did not know about service dogs as petting dogs, but it makes sense, I have heard of dogs going into hospitals and they lower patients blood pressures etc.

Thanks for posting on my blog, but since you are the only one who has enough brains to figure how to post and because your comments are always good, i would like for others to see your comments, can you also comment on the facebook part of this too? just cut and paste?