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Saturday, March 20, 2010


Is it just me or do prices on our cosmic island inflate like a pair of silicone implants during the summer months with tourism at its peak?

One little dainty secretarial slice of pizza at a bakery in Kilauea is $5.25 plus tax; one scoop of ice cream at numerous places in the Coconut Marketplace for $6; hot dogs at a local hardware store — $6 plus; even our dollar store at Kukui Grove is now the $1.59 store with miost items costing eve more.

Restaurants want $20 to $25 per entree not including salad — that’s another $5.50. Then the servers expect a 15 to 20 percent gratuity for service that is usually slow, ineffective and not up to par. Compare this to Japan, where the service is the best in the world and there is no tipping; in fact, if you left money on the table they would come running after you since they would think you accidently left it behind.

There are still a few good deals left on our cosmic island. I cannot share them since before long those businesess, too, would start overcharging.

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