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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

"Your own back yard..."

Your own back yard

My favorite assignment back when I was in photography school was called “your own back yard.”

The concept of “your own back yard” is to open your eyes and be creative and you do not have to go anywhere. Try shooting close-ups of a bee pollinating something, or a nice long lens to capture exotic clouds at sunset.
No need to go to Yosemite or the swiss Alps, there’s something special everywhere.

The irony that so many people feel the need to travel at Christmas and New Years. I saw on the news thousands are being stranded at airports and will miss being with their families.

The stress of travel along with all the crowds is the worst possible way to spend any day, especially a holiday.

Luckily, we live here on Kaua‘i, and there’s no need to go anywhere. I’m just enjoying my own back yard.

(p.s the photo above was shot from my back door, with a 7.1 megapixel camera, just a simple camera, prooving the old expression, "it's not the tool, it's the carpenter.")

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