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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Icing on the cake! :D) (R rated)

Icing on the cake!  (R rated)

Massage is healing and relaxing and when done professionally has healing powers.

My massage therapist's father was a healer in the Philippines and when she was a little girl and had a sore throat or cold he could actually massage it out of her.

My massage therapist is one of the best, I am sure everyone believes that of their masseurs and doctors.

My masseuse can massage my limbs to a state of ecstasy and can relieve my pains. The only thing I cannot understand is why when she asks me to lie on my back and relax she will not massage the thing I want massaged the most. Massages are great but sure would be better if they were allowed to massage all body parts.

Man was made with a stress relief valve, why not top of the massage with the icing on the cake?!!!

( Please ladies, don't hate me for this blog,  no matter what any guy say's this is what he really thinks!)


Anonymous said...

Women are from Venus Men are from Mars and until worlds collide they will never understand one another!

KimoRosen said...

Anonymous is either Mcgregor or Rema, right?