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Monday, March 29, 2010

"It's time to vote for anyone but politicians for political office..."

It's time to vote for anyone but politicians for political office.

Why do Americans keep voting politicians into political office? Politicians are career oriented individuals who believe they are god's gift to the world. They posses huge ego's and most times are financial wealthy.

Politics, which runs our lives is governed by people who are not required to have any special degree's, licensing or vocations.

Doctors need to go to medical school, attorney's need to pass a bar exam, teacher's need a college education, bus drivers need a chauffeur's license, a person running for political office only needs to be a certain age and an American citizen with no felonies.The felonies usually come after they are elected.

American needs change, and we are not going to change anything by voting politicians into political office.

Sick and tired of Washington and local politicals, want to get even?

Re-elect nobody who has held previous political office, we need a spring clean-up, the best time to start a spring clean up is now!

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