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Thursday, April 22, 2010

"Human power..."

If one cannot afford solar power another great alternative never really brought up is human power.

I was recently speaking with a former Kauai county employee and he has an idea he does not mind me sharing...

Human power like solar or wind would be another great alternative. This is how it works. The county, state or any private enterprise could set up a a beautiful state of the art gym, with stationary life-cycle bicycles, stair steppers, running machines, rowing machines, etc... collecting the energy from everyone's workout. Cards would be issued after your workout to show the amount of energy you contributed, the people stay in shape, after all without our health life is much more difficult.

With the energies being collected from the persons workout one could get a free health club membership, the business, state or county gets energy to be converted to electric. The islands have one one of the highest per capita diabetes and obesity among the young. This concept would be a win win for everybody.

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