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Friday, April 23, 2010

" What do you do?..."

What do you do is the number one social question in our society. What do you do refers to what you do for money, to earn a living. Many people ask this question as a prerequisite to see if you meet their expectations and standards. If you are not a doctor or lawyer, they move on...

When I am asked what I do, I say, "a lot, I get up, brush my teeth, stretch, pray, have coffee and breakfast, shower, and then I watch the View,  do a little gardening, go for a bike ride with my dog, have lunch, go to the public pool, look for deals at the grocery store, and then I stop at the chinese restaurant  to garbage pick my dogs dinner on my way home."

The list is endless of what I do.

Please do not ask what I do, ask my name, tell me your name  and say Aloha, everything else will fall in place and divinity will rein.

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