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Monday, April 26, 2010

"Stupid humor by me..."

"Stupid humor by me..."

Since there is now a thing called Turkey ham, I am waiting for the invention of Ham turkey, there is in fact smoked turkey which does taste a lot like ham, but no such thing as Ham turkey. I want to see "them" (whoever them is) make a ham out of a turkey.

I have many friends who boast of being vegetarian, they say," I'm a vegetarian but I eat fish and chicken, my reply is always, I'm a vegetarian but eat meat.

These people are crazy, they believe they are vegetarian, I guess we are all vegetarian's, even cannibals can be vegatarians, with the above method of thinking.

My Vegan friends  say they do not eat anything with a face, I say it depends on how pretty her face is.

The easiest place in the world to be a police sketch artist, that is taking information from victims of crime of what their perpetrators look like is Japan since everyone in Japan looks alike, being a police sketch artist is a very easy job, because whoever you draw will look like the criminal.

Imagine if gay marriage were legal in Hawaii and let's say a homosexual couple got into a fight, would it be a cockfight?

I was skyping a friend of mine whose in his mid 70's, he was using his daughters webcam on her laptop and he thought if he moved in closer he would see me better, all I saw was his right eyeball, and he kept asking how he looked, I said eye eye eye...

I am 55 years old and nerver made it to the stage, as my father used to say, next one leaves in 20 minutes...

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