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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

"What is a TIP?.."

What is a TIP.

A tip is something you give a waitress or waiter (or excuse me should I say server,) for providing excellent service and promptness.

I find service is overall poor in most restaurants and despise giving a tip.

In Japan where restaurant service is the best in the world, tipping is non-existent. The servers are polite and act as if they care, and if you leave money on the table they come running after you, thinking you accidentally left it behind.

Recently I was in a video store where there was a tip jar at the checkout center, I have seen tip jars are at many coffee shops and short order restaurants.

Where is tipping going to stop? Imagine tip jars at the grocery store and the convenient stores?

The people who deserve tips, never get them, that's the person emptying bedpans in the hospital.

I have a tip for everyone reading this blog, if you like this letter blog you can send me a tip through pay-pal. After all at least I am on time, and TIP means (to insure promptness.)

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