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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

"Soar like an Eagle and wing it..."

My friend's have given up asking me do to things with them, since I always make excuses and say thanks but no thanks.

There is nothing more enjoyable than a day of just winging it.

There is no stress, you start out with one goal, you may want to go swimming, from there your serotonin kicks in and you go for a 5 mile bike ride in search of a ripe papaya, mango or avocado tree to pick from. You find a few coconut's instead and are happy with your lot, so you head back towards home...

The above is a true to life scenario of a day in my life.

When I lived in Japan my girlfriend and I would plan to go out to dinner, we would walk the streets until there was a good smell or a good vibe and we walked into the place, if we walked in and got a bad vibe we walked out and found another place.

If you do not work and do not have to be somewhere everyday at a certain time, try winging it, even if you have a job wing with a dinner date.

A scheduled date will never be the same after you soar like an eagle and wing it...

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