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Monday, May 17, 2010

"Blogging yoga?.."

I thought I had heard it all, now there is certified laughter yoga where for a price you attend a class were their goal is to laugh. The course offers, reduce stress, boost immune system, more joy and levity, make new laughter buddies and to top it off you get a certification.

They now have yoga for everything, yoga to sweat, yoga to laugh, naked yoga and any other adjective you can thing off to throw in front of yoga.

Yoga has become so commercial and beyond it's original Hindu practice of meditation and self control.

People need to make a dollar but where does it end? How about blogging yoga, where for a fee we can all get together and air our dirty laundry together and call it Dirty laundry blogging YOGA!


Sneezer222 said...

Blogging Yoga! You should start a class and make lots of $. :)

KimoRosen said...

it's for real, chek out their website,